Top Physical Rehab Exercises to Get you Back in The Game

When you get injured, you are expected to take part in a lot of therapy to get back to shape. There’s some psychological, at times medical, and after, you need to now get on to physical. Here’s where you need some top exercises to get back in the game fast. NQ Physio Townsville explains that over the years, physical therapy has massively changed, and through new research and development new measures are coming up by the day. Some were effective, while others, not as much as they were expected when they hit the market. When you want to get back to the game, here are the top physical rehab exercises you need.


One of the most used physical rehab exercises that you can take part in is the treadmill. This one can be used by people who have been injured and those who have had an operation. People who have had operations need physical to get back into shape. With a treadmill, the patient can recover quickly with little to no pain at all. It also gives you the chance of recovery without risking another injury, unlike with other therapies. And it is fitted with technology to track the progress made. Another part about treadmills is, the new ones have tech that keeps you engaged as you use them. While you walk on the treadmill, it allows blood to circulate and allows the healing process to happen. Lastly, treadmills support flexibility and full motion range.


When you have a spinal injury, getting into therapy requires a bit of finesse and mindfulness. This is where the SpineForce comes in handy as it’s a tech developed to support the spine during treatment. Without it, and with the spine being sensitive, you risk re-injury. The tool is gentle and effective and used to build core strength. It also helps in enhancing balance and detect problems around the spine. In addition, it is a non-invasive tool and drug-free therapeutic option for spinal injuries. It can also be used as a therapeutic exercise for lower back pain – which seems to be a common problem today. 


Active Therapeutic Movement, or as it is known ATM2 is a modern-day therapy option that seeks to address a wide array of movement disorders. This treatment has been used for those with spinal injuries or any other spinal problems. And those with movement problems with their hips, knees, and shoulders. The ATM2 is an upright machine that consists of three belts that support you safely. This happens when the injured areas are targeted, compressed, and positioned. In addition, it provides pain-free physical therapy. The exercises done during the ATM2 will help the nervous system learn new ways of using the muscles. This is done in a way that doesn’t cause you any pain. Similar movement found in Pilates has also proven to be effective for physical rehab. You can visit to learn more about Pilates and you can impact your community by offering this as a rehab solution for injured people.

Recovery Exercises

Several physical therapy recovery exercises have come up over time, but not all are effective. You need to consult a physiotherapist before you can engage in any, after an injury or after an operation. However, the above exercises are the top that can get you back in the game – and fast.

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