Top Five Shows to Catch on Netflix!

Netflix has taken the entertainment world by storm by introducing to the world some really great shows which are enjoyed by a lot of people. Some of these shows have been around for a while now and many of them have just come with their first seasons. But that does not change the fact that all of these shows have managed to attract a wide audience from the world. If you have not caught up with Netflix lately, then you must see the following shows which are a must watch!

  • The Last kingdom – The last kingdom season 5 is about to air on Netflix soon. This British historical fiction show has made a following for itself because of the strong portrayal of the characters by the actors of the show. It is also one of the top rated shows available on Netflix and would definitely make for an excellent watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon.
  • Black lightning – Black lightning season 4 concluded the series and ended the arc of the principal turned superhero. The show found its place in the top 10 Netflix series because of the storyline and the amazing visual effects of the show. Apart from that, the show has also done a crossover with CWs Arrowverse in Crisis on Infinite Earths.
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  • Manifest – The reappearance of a missing flight after five years creates news and the passengers soon begin to experience weird things. However, the mystery soon unfolds and the viewers are left with eyes wide open because of the unexpected twists and turns of the show. It is also a popular show which can be watched on Netflix.
  • Workin’ Moms – As the title suggests, the show is about four working moms who have rejoined their offices but now they have to deal with their work and their personal lives all at the same time. The show is a great watch for those who love to see the struggles of motherhood and a bit of sitcom fun. It is also one of the most watched series on Netflix.
  • Cocomelon – A rather odd addition to our list of top five shows on Netflix as it deals with young children who are learning alphabets, numbers and animal names by using an animated character named as J.J and other visually appealing techniques. The show is popular among both parents and children as it makes for a great learning alternative for the kids.

Phew! Those shows are sure to give you an amazing experience which you will remember for your life and appreciate yourself that you watched them upon our recommendation. Apart from the fact that these shows belong to a class of their own, the storytelling and the direction truly make them stand out. You will be at a huge loss if you do not watch any of these series.Therefore, you must catch up with these so that you can recommend the same to your friends and tell them why these shows are awesome.

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