Top Attractions in Dubai You Must Visit

Dubai, the world’s biggest market for gold traders, real estate investors, and education consultants holds the title of top tourist attraction for a reason. It provides the visitors, and entrepreneurs with a gateway to jump into the world of opportunities to explore new ideas, hidden secrets of nature, mesmerizing wonders, cultural and traditional side of the UAE.

An incredibly developed, and large system of public transport along with the services of taxis, cabs, or rent a car in Al Quoz, Dubai Mall, DIP, and other areas of the city make it easier for the visitors to move around the city. You can find abundant car renting Dubai Mall options to get a car of your choice.

 However, most people prefer to rent a car because of the cheap rates of fuel, comfort, and privacy. Tourists can explore here gigantic shopping malls, plazas, adorable floral gardens, iconic buildings, monuments, and historical pieces of art. 

Dubai offers unlimited opportunities for tourists of all ages to explore Arabs history, witness the glamor of modern infrastructure,  experience the peak of thrill or adventure, and enjoy action-pack activities. Some of its top attractions that are worth to add in your bucket are listed here 

Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah 

To witness the entire scenery of the tourist world, Dubai from a skyline perspective Burj Khalifa is the only place in the world. Its incredible length ranked it the world’s largest building and also the most expensive one. Tourists stand in line for hours to get a ticket to the last building of this iconic building for a sky view of Dubai. And experiencing the thrill of skydiving from the tip of the last floor is a breathtaking adventure, but the priority of thrill-seeking souls. 

After experiencing the skydiving adventure, you can directly land into palm Jumeirah. This artificial Island holds amazing beauty and incredibly stunning architectural history to tell the visitors. It is constructed in the shape of a palm leaf. It offers the opportunity to experience the water thrill, boating, yacht riding, and capturing rare aquatic species. 

Dubai Mall and Dubai Aquarium 

For shopping seekers and brand-conscious creatures, the Dubai shopping mall is an ideal location. It provides all the brands of the world from making clothes and shoes to electronic or digital gadgets in one place. Not only for shopping lovers it also holds many points for all types of tourists including theme parks, food corners, cinemas, adventure lands, and many more. 

When you reach the third floor you can visit the famous Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo. It provides beautiful scenery of various kinds of colorful fishes swimming in the aquarium. And the underwater zoo provides rare species of aquatic life including Sharks, Dolphins, and rare tiger species. 

IMG The World of Adventures 

To explore unlimited adventure and thrilling rides, IMG is an incredibly amazing theme park. It presents four closures that present different stories from the cartoon world, history, and real or movie life heroes. Different cartoon characters come into life in this park raising the thrill and excitement of visitors. Cinema halls, restaurants, and family cabins serve the visitors delicious food items and drinks to relax.

Global Village 

The global village is an amazing piece of art to explore the culture and traditions of the entire world in Dubai. It gives the stunning look of a modern and traditional mashup of Arabs in construction. It holds a separate pavilion for each country of the world. And each country paints its pavilion with all the traditional, cultural, historical, and religious colors of its society. 

Dubai Desert Safari 

A list of top tourist attractions of Dubai is incomplete without mentioning the famous desert safari excursion. Away from the city side, the vast sand lands of Dubai facilitate the visitors with multiple opportunities to explore the history of Arabs, natural peace, and the thrill of desert life. Public transport and renting car services which provide easy and economic access to this historical location of Dubai for experiencing the thrill and fun of various rides with a camping adventure. You can conveniently get a car rental in Dubai Mall to explore the beauty of this place.


Dubai is the tourist’s planet with countless attractions and activities to serve all types of tourists whether the old or young. It provides the visitors with the best experience of witnessing the amazing combo of traditional or cultural values and an extremely stunning luxurious world. And it’s not possible to explore even a quarter of this marvelous land in a single tour. However, the above-mentioned places are the most famous tourist attractions that can add more value, thrill, or excitement to your trip. Therefore, all these places are worth marking on the top of must-visit places on your next trip to Dubai. 

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