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Top 8 Games Like Escape From Tarkov – Best FPS Online Games

ntroduction to Escape From Tarkov
Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore FPS game with an MMO feature. Unlike other MMO games, you can find a complete storyline that makes this game better and perfect. A complete history is created behind the game and it continues throughout the end.

The situation in Tarkov city is very bad and most of the population already left. Those who stayed are fighting each other for territory. No innocent people can live there anymore because you must join any gang to survive and work for them.

You cant find any specific borders anywhere. Those who are stronger capture more area compare to weak groups. There always fight each other to capture more territory. Two major companies are also present there just to make sure their main purposes are not damaged by gangs.

The city is sealed by UN & Russian forces because they cant allow dangerous people to leave the city. The player must choose one side and try to escape the city. An initial deadly war is over and everyone is now trying to capture more areas or escape the city.

Both major companies are protecting different assets in the city and these gangs always fight with them over many issues. It’s very hard to survive when trying to escape but you can fight and kill others who stop you.

You must explore many locations to find weapons, items, and much more which can help you escape Tarkov. More weapons mean you get an advantage to hunt down these gangsters who may try to stop you at all costs. Never trust anyone because each member of any group is working as per their own plans.

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The weapon system for this game is really awesome and allows users to experience real-time shooing. Sometime you may need to work with old enemies. Trust on others is difficult but you may realize sometimes it’s hard to survive without a backup plan.

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