Top 7 Most Prestigious Areas Of Dubai

coming here for the first time, expect to see incredible luxury and splendor and … their expectations are fully justified. Dubai really is as it can be seen in pictures on Google – skyscrapers, shining with a myriad of highway lights, luxurious ships sailing along the canals.

Billions of dirhams are invested in the infrastructure of the city every year. There are sleeping rooms in Dubai too (as in any major city), but you will not find dirt and poverty there. But much more interest is aroused by the elite quarters of the city, the very ones that are captured on souvenir postcards. Shan Tours guides talk about the 7 most prestigious areas of Dubai.

Most Prestigious Areas Of Dubai

7th place: Deira

The oldest area of ​​the city, located along the Dubai Creek. Tourists begin their acquaintance with Dubai from Deira, because it is here that the international airport is located. The area has gathered all the major markets in Dubai, including the famous Gold Souk and Spice Souk, where you can buy gold jewelry and spices respectively.

6th place: Al-Barsha

A young area in the western part of the city, which is now being actively developed. Relatively sparsely populated: there are almost no skyscrapers, but there are cozy villas with 2-3 floors (renting a small studio in them will cost $ 1200-1300 per month). Tourists are attracted here by the huge shopping center Mall of the Emirates with an area of ​​over 604 thousand square meters and the luxurious Dubai Autodrome with three racing tracks. Also, here available, sand buggy rental. So you can ride through dunes with extreme.

5th place: Jumeirah Lake Towers

The main decoration of the area is the most beautiful man-made lakes, around which park zones are laid out. Most of the buildings are high-rise buildings and skyscrapers, from the roofs of which a magnificent view of the panorama of Dubai and the Persian Gulf opens. There are as many as 80 skyscrapers in Jumeirah Lake, so fans of urban architecture have something to see here.

4th place: Dubai Marina

The area is adjacent to the Jumeirah Lake Towers. Its heart is the eponymous man-made canal stretching along the coastline of the Persian Gulf. Skyscrapers of the most bizarre architectural forms have grown along the canal, including the tallest residential building on the planet – Princess Tower. At night, the Dubai Marina area looks just magical thanks to the illumination on the skyscrapers.

3rd place: Business Bay

A small but densely populated area that is the business center of the city. Here are the offices of many international companies. In addition to skyscrapers and fashionable malls, you can admire the monumental Business Bay Crossing Bridge, which connects the business center with the historic Deira district. Its capacity is no less than 26 thousand cars per hour (it is difficult to imagine what is happening on the bridge during rush hours!).

2nd place: Jumeirah Beach Residence

This area stretches along the coastline and attracts with a gorgeous view of the Persian Gulf. The most spectacular part of Jumeirah Beach Residence is the artificial island  Bluewaters Island under construction, which is planned to be the main entertainment area of ​​Dubai. Bluewaters Island is set to install the world’s tallest Ferris wheel with a diameter of 210 meters.The construction of Bluewaters Island is expected to be completed by 2018.

1st place: Palm Jumeirah

This area is an impressive example of what progress is capable of (and big money, of course). Palm Jumeirah is an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree, which is connected to the coastline by a bridge 300 meters wide. Here are the most luxurious hotels in the city – Atlantis and Rixos Dubai, and restaurants, shopping malls, and gift shops are innumerable.

Dubai is a fairytale city, a dream city, as it is sung in a famous song. Many tourists,

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