Did you know that the earliest version of the internet was meant for corporate to store their data files? It acted more like a digital library than a platform to provide global connectivity. With the evolution of the internet, web2 provided interconnectivity and the internet as we know it today.

Centralized connectivity brought together the world, and people could do financial transactions, be socially connected, and much more. But this centralization gave power to a few companies at the top, and data breach was one of the most significant issues.

Then enters the third version of the internet, web3. It puts the internet’s power back in the users’ hands. It is a model that runs on the principle of decentralization and is the next step toward real-time connectivity.

The Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood coined the term ‘Web3’. Web3 aims to be a permissionless, decentralized, and native payment-supporting platform. It means that the total control of the internet will be amongst the users as well as the developers.

Now you might be thinking of how you can get into web3 development and learn more about this version. Well, doing a web3 course can be beneficial for you. You can easily become a web3 community expert and guide others as well.

We have prepared a list of courses that you can pursue to become a web3 community expert. Let us take a look at what courses are there to become skilled in web3 development.

Metaverse Development Certification

At Blockchain Council, we are aiming towards a comprehensive and precise syllabus for the students pursuing the courses. Therefore, the metaverse expert certification provided to you will imbibe the qualities of imagination and creativity.

It is a thirteen-hour course that will be available for a lifetime to access and complete at your own pace. You will get an all-around idea about metaverse, its aim and benefits, and blockchain integration. You will also learn 3D model development using tools like Unreal and Unity 3D.

You can also get to learn about how to develop web-based applications that provide real-time connectivity in the metaverse. This hands-on tutorial-based course can help you become a metaverse expert.

The metaverse developer certification course is easily found on the Blockchain Council website. You can also consider it like a 3D modeling certification, as you will be learning comprehensively about it.

NFT Expert Certification

Another important aspect of web3 is the NFT world. NFTs provides a way to convert real-world assets into digital assets. It is going to work along with the metaverse to enter the next stage of the internet.

The NFT expert course by Blockchain Council is a web3 course for becoming an NFT strategist and an NFT developer. This course covers all the expectations of non-fungible tokens and their development through the Ethereum blockchain.

It enhances your knowledge of smart contracts and decentralized applications. This five-hour course will provide you with a complete exploration of NFT use cases and bring out the NFT expert in you.

You can also become an NFT developer after the completion of this course. Your enhanced knowledge of NFTs through this web3 course will put you ahead in the future’s race.

Blockchain Expert Certification

As you know, decentralization is at the core of web3; you must know about blockchain to pursue this. Blockchain technology was the first step towards decentralization in the world.

The Blockchain expert and blockchain developer course provided by Blockchain Council is a comprehensive way to understand the technology. It will provide complete knowledge of the distributed ledger method and the growth of the industry.

After this course, you can become a blockchain developer or a blockchain architect with enough hands-on models and practice. It is an eight-hour self-paced course and will provide knowledge about business interactions as well.

You will be able to understand the problems of the industry and suggest the most optimal blockchain-based solution for them. This means, being a blockchain expert with this course will put you higher up in the pyramid of the future.

Web3 Community Expert Certification

As you wish to learn about web3 as a whole, this web3 community expert course will boost your knowledge about the whole concept.

It is a web3 course that will put light upon various web4 communities and how they provide innovative and sustainable solutions to various issues.

You will get a chance to monitor these communities and learn from each one of them. You will get in-depth knowledge of the whole ecosystem that contains cryptocurrency trading degrees, DAOs, NFTs, Metaverse, and a lot more concepts.

Learning community development and engagement with other communities is at the core of this web3 community expert course. This self-paced web3 course from Blockchain Council is an excellent way to learn everything about web3.

Web3 Game Developer Certification

Lastly, we need to discuss one of the biggest aspects of web3. The web3 game developer course is a ten-hour self-paced web3 course that discusses everything about the decentralized gaming ecosystem.

You will learn about consensus-based games, cryptocurrency rewards, play-to-earn methods, asset trading, and the interoperability of various games.

You will also be learning about the involvement of the blockchain technology, smart contracts, web3 libraries, and many more concepts through this course.

You can become a web3 game developer through this course by Blockchain Council after good hands-on projects and practice.


We have listed out the best courses that you can find on the internet when you search for a web3 course. Some honorary mentions are the Defi Expert, Solidity Developer, Ethereum Developer, and three.js developer certification courses available on the Blockchain Council website.

You can track all these courses and their outcomes from the official website. The main motive here should be to learn more about web3 and become an expert in one or more segments of the third-gen internet.