Top 5 Vietnam Family Tours After COVID-19

Do you have children and wonder if your family can safely and happily travel to Vietnam after COVID?

Did you know that possessing vast landscapes and diverse cultures stretching from North to South, Vietnam is a fascinating country that is well worth exploring, especially for Family Tours? Vietnam is also known as one of the safest stops in the world for the whole family’s journey due to its safe and hospitable living environment and absolute prevention measures to ensure the health and well-being of the entire family throughout the trip.

COVID-19 travelers’ information in Vietnam 

Overview of COVID-19 situation in Vietnam

From 15th March 2022, Vietnam allows the negative results of testing Covid-19 worldwide travelers to enter without quarantine. All tourists coming to Vietnam can enter quickly without a tour register. Vietnam unilaterally offers visa exemptions for 13 countries, and the e-visa is available to residents of 80 countries. 

According to the policy, the travelers entering Vietnam by airline, land, or sea must have a negative result valid for no more than 24 hours for a fast test or 72 hours for RT-PCR before arrival. If travelers haven’t had the result of testing yet, they must take a test upon arrival and receive the result in 24 hours quarantine. Children under two years old aren’t required test results and can enter with parents. 

NOTE: Open tourism policy will change day by day 

COVID-19 entry requirements for travelers to Vietnam

Upon arrival, you must present:

  1. Negative Covid-19 (RT-PCR) test result per passenger:
  2. Proof of valid medical/travel insurance covering Covid-19 treatment. Minimum cover USD 10,000
  3. Downloaded PC-Covid mobile app, which must be presented to enter all VN establishments.

So now you can free to take your family tours to Vietnam and enjoy it safely!

Top 5 Vietnam Family Tours After COVID-19
Enjoy kayaking in Halong with your family

5 best Vietnam family tours in ‘New Normal’

Vietnam Family Holiday with Teenager 12 Days

This is the perfect time for you and your kids to explore new experiences together. Starting from Ho Chi Minh, this 12-day Vietnam family tour package not only brings the entire family to Vietnam’s outstanding attractions, but you also get to transform into farmers, catch fish, and try local dishes. Local, enjoy the scenery of agricultural life in the Mekong Delta. Towards the North, seeing the one-of-a-kind wonder of Vietnam and enjoying Hanoi street food with a different transformation is a must that we will bring to you. Literally, this tour will get you a tremendous post-covid experience.

Vietnam Family Holiday with Beach Vacation 15 Days

During the past two years, Vietnam beaches inadvertently became wild and much less crowded. Vietnam also takes a gap year to re-plan and clean up more beaches. With the trend of resorts becoming more and more popular, this Vietnam family vacation offers boat excursions at the world heritage Ha Long Bay, boating under the beautiful nature in Ninh Binh, and relaxing days in Nha Trang. You also have the opportunity to go to the Mekong Delta to understand more about the local culture or go through Hanoi, a city of thousands of years of civilization, dynamic but also extremely elegant. Such a great family holiday Vietnam package you can explore!

Classic Vietnam Tours for Family 12 Days

Start from Hanoi with scenic spots and historical ruins, go to the villages of the Red River Delta – Bat Trang Ceramic Village, where perseverance kept the profession for more than 700 years, then come to the magnificent Halong Bay with its unspoiled natural beauty.

Vietnam is also full of colors and vitality in traditional regional activities such as enjoying the basket dance on the round boats and learning how to catch fish with bare hands. Discover the enchanting riverside town of Hoi An, the famous bustling Saigon. Vietnam is also very sophisticated in each dish across the country. Every moment ensures it the best family holiday in Vietnam.

Joyful South Vietnam Exploration for Family 5 Days

When your life is too boring with a lot of work piled up at home, even though you try to learn more skills and new knowledge online, the real experience, the desire to be discovered, seems like the best source of nutrition you can make this time.

Explore the southern Vietnam for a refreshing family outing which offer both the vibrant urban energy of Ho Chi Minh, the most prominent hub: an economic, cultural, scientific, and technological hub in Vietnam, and the mellow countryside that takes place on water and farmland rolls out as far as the eye can see.

Northern Vietnam Highlights for Family 6 Days

You also know that after covid, our health cannot return to 100% as before, that’s why sometimes you cannot handle long trips continually. Therefore, a Vietnam family adventure lasts only 6 days but covers all the essentials to leave you and your family enchanted.

Get lost in Hanoi, a city locked in the old time yet simultaneously very dynamic in transition to the modern world. Weaving into each small street, sipping a cup of Hanoi coffee, and enjoying delicious street food that is both abundant and delicious, this is real life in Asia. Going a little bit far in the suburbs, your family can obtain unforgettable moments by participating doing a pottery workshop in Bat Trang or bicycling in suburban villages.

The soul of the Vietnamese countryside, from the architecture to the lifestyle, will be clearly shown in front of you right in Ky Son village. Finally, ending Vietnam family trips without a cruise on Halong Bay is incomplete. Let’s soak in the sight of thousands of islets and the bay’s deep emerald green waters.

Safety guide for family vacations in Vietnam

Coming to Vietnam for traveling a long trip, it’s essential to keep in mind these tips to protect your family’s health the best. 

  • Pack hand sanitizers and at least two extra masks per kid in case one is lost or being washed after using
  • Bring along enough medications for all family members for the entire trip
  • Choose private vehicles instead of public transportations
  • Remind your kids of mask-wearing and coronavirus safety precautions
  • Exercise your mental and physical health by joining exciting activities with all family members

Vietnam is beautiful in its way, although it is not a famous tourist destination globally. Learn more about the top destinations to visit in Vietnam and plan your vacation. Don’t miss this treasure of Asia!

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