Top 5 Profitable Coins To Invest In 2023

For Crypto enthusiasts, this market is more profitable than any other! It goes through different turmoils and chaos in different periods. But these outbreaks cannot stop the growth of this market.

The Crypto space has already extended its reach to a huge extent. If you want to invest in bitcoins then you can visit online trading platforms like crypto dezire

Many tokens are becoming substitutes for the fiats, which shows their high reach. The huge money-making opportunities of this market are the major attraction for many investors.

You can get different suitable options that will match your requirements and offer you higher returns too! 

Though the market is ongoing at a bearish trend, it is the best time to explore the possibilities. You can start your investment journey today and explore these top 5 Cryptos to earn higher returns! 

Top 5 Tokens You Need To Add This Year

The Crypto industry has a wide range of options for you. If you are thinking of kickstarting your investment journey, try out adding these 5 profitable tokens to your list. 


Who has not heard about Bitcoin yet? People often talk about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies as the same thing, due to their popularity! The largest coin in this world, in terms of market capitalization and the first-ever coin to go viral, this coin can never disappoint you. 

Though it faces changing prices quite often, underestimating it will not be the right thing! This first Crypto has many real-life utilities and potential. Getting BTC can prove to be your life-changing decision. 

There is a high chance that the price of this token will rise to an extreme extent. Avail of the benefits by getting the coin today! 


If you are thinking of some profitable coin that can never go wrong, this is the one! It follows Bitcoin and holds the second position in the market. 

Though at present, ETH is not showing its best performance, its value does not decrease. Rather, they are higher chances that ETH will bounce back at its best. 

This Crypto has a wide number of uses in the market. Many developers are taking Ethereum as a base for developing their projects. Ethereum is known to be efficient and fast for its PoS mechanism. Investing in this coin will be one of your best decisions. 


This meme coin is also known best for its seamless and inexpensive P2P transactions. This is the best for all the meme lovers of the Crypto industry. DOGE is quite famous and in high demand. 

The major reason behind its popularity is the support of Elon Musk! He has been supporting the coin through his tweets, which brought a wave of demand for this coin. He also announced including the coin as the in-built payment option on Twitter.

Adding this token will be a good decision looking at its potential in the market. 

Shiba Inu

Everyone thought of this coin as a tough competition for Dogecoin during its release! But, apart from that, SHIB now has its set of popularity and this is due to its amazing staking rewards. It is no longer considered a Dogecoin killer in the industry! 

If you buy or invest in this Crypto, then you will receive different tokens over that period. These can be BONE, SHIB, or even LEASH. The more coins, the more the chances of getting passive income! You can open up new sources of passive income by investing in Shiba Inu. 

Big Eyes Coin

This new release is a good deal if you are looking for some profitable option. It is breaking records in the presale stage itself. The Crypto has been able to collect a total of 18 million USD in the presale stage itself. Besides that, it got featured in the 3D billboard in New York! 

With all its unique features, this coin is taking a toll on the market. It is releasing some best options in NFT and sending out 5% of its revenue to donations for saving the oceans. Besides that, it is hosting bunches of events that you can participate in as a community! 


If you are thinking of starting your Crypto trading journey, these 5 coins can be the right option to give a try! With options for passive income and higher returns, try out investing in these coins this year! 

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