Top 5 Marketing Video Making Tips

On YouTube, around 5 billion videos are watched every day. According to reports, videos generate more shares (1200%) than text and images combine. Everyone knows how videos are crucial for marketing, and the real secret hides behind its making. Here are the top 5 marketing video making tips.

1. Define the ultimate aim of the video. 

Whether your business is using online video for marketing, training, or internal communications, the key to effective video communications knows what you want to achieve with it. Is it increasing sales, saving money by cutting waste, improving employee engagement, raising customer satisfaction levels, or something different? Make sure both you and the agency that is making your video are clear on what the objectives are. It’s rewarding to produce something creative that everyone is proud of, but an effective video should also achieve its set objectives.

2. Be clear about your audience – who are you aiming the video at?

In the same way, television programs are made for different audiences; business videos should be approached in the same way. To take an extreme example from TV, – BBC 1’s Newsround and BBC 2’s Newsnight are both news programs, but they are aimed at completely different audiences (one is for 6 to 14-year-old children, the other is for a sophisticated adult audience who want more depth to their news). The whole tone of the programs is different – different presenters, sets, writing style, content, music, and stories. The program makers have clearly defined the demographic of their audience and tailored the program to suit that audience. To be effective, business video communications should do the same. Use this strategy on social platforms. For example, you are using TikTok, make the videos that hit the young audience. Make it funny and interesting to grab the attention of the audience. Also, don’t forget to buy TikTok views to make your video viral on this short video platform.

3. Match the tone of the video to your brand

The style, tone, and professionalism of your video speak volumes about your business. In the same way, you invest in your company with professional looking business cards, websites, or offices, make sure your video reflects your brand. A professional, well-polished video says the same about your brand. An edgy, irreverent video would reflect different brand values. 

4. What’s in it for the audience?

If you’re marketing to a younger audience, then a funny or clever video that they can pass onto their friends may get their attention (e.g., -a fun viral that makes them smile and also makes your company name stick in their head for all the right reasons). For an internal video aimed at a highly skilled and professional sales team, then best practice tips from colleagues that help them to smash their sales targets and earn more commission may be far more appropriate. Your target audience will only watch if there’s something in it for them – make sure there is.

5. Keep the video short People’s attention span is far shorter than it was ten years ago, and attention time for a video online is shorter than that watching TV or other media – people want their information quick and concise. It does depend on exactly what you’re trying to achieve with your videos, but in general, 3 minutes of video online is a long time. Don’t use 100 words to get your point across if you can say it just as well with 10. Similarly, with video – don’t use 5 minutes if 1 is more powerful.


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