Top 4 Best Ways To Consume CBD Products in 2021

CBD has been making waves around the US with all new products entering the market. If you’re only just jumping on the train after hearing all the benefits CBD has to offer, then you’re doing the right thing by researching more about it. Many people assume that CBD is Marijuana. Though derived from the same plant, CBD cannot get you high, so smoking it will not cause the same effect.

Also, the act of smoking is not something many people like to do. So for those who don’t smoke, are there any other ways of consuming CBD? Well, you’ll be glad to know that there is a variety of CBD products available in the market and many ways to consume them.

Initially, you may feel overwhelmed trying to buy CBD products from your local store. You need to know the differences between the products and how much you should be consuming. Below, we have noted the best ways on how to take CBD. You can decide which one suits you best.

Top 4 best ways to consume CBD

What you should note is that CBD is consumed via the oil. So the real question is how do you take CBD oil? Well, once this oil is extracted, it is added to a particular product to help get it down your throat. It is possible to consume CBD oil directly, but some may find the mouthfeel and taste off-putting.

Using capsules

This is the process of infusing the oil into capsules made from soft gel or like a pill. They will look (and feel) similar to a fish oil capsule. These are quite popular options as it is something that people are used to taking in their daily lives.

They are easy to swallow, small and easy to carry around, and they come in pre-measured doses so you can keep track of exactly how much CBD you’re ingesting every day. If you use CBD oil directly, you will have to take the time and care to measure using a dropper so that you don’t end up over-dosing.

You should also keep in mind that anything ingested (eaten or drunk) will not give results immediately. They take quite a bit longer than other methods, so expect to wait anywhere between 30 minutes to 90 minutes to feel the CBD working.

Using CBD oil

CBD oil is sold in a tincture with a dropper ready for measuring. This is one of the earliest methods of consuming CBD but is still considered the most popular. It is simple enough for beginners to learn how to take it, and professionals stick with it because it is the most effective CBD method. As a beginner, you should first know how much CBD you’re supposed to consume in a day before you take any doses. Contact your doctor to be sure.

To consume this oil, place the dropper under your tongue and drip the oil in that area (sublingual administration). This is one of the fastest-acting methods and will typically last for much longer than other methods. The oil gets absorbed directly into the glands under the tongue.

But as mentioned, the taste tends to be strong and unpleasant to some so it’s either a case of getting used to that taste or purchasing CBD oil with added flavorings. In the current market, you can find many flavors including mint and berry which overshadows that taste for easier consumption.

Using vapes and pre-rolls

Just like marijuana, CBD can be smoked too using vape pens and vaporizers. These come pre-filled with a wide variety of strengths and flavors. It is quite a simple process of “taking a drag” like a cigarette or vape so it’s easy for beginners to learn.

When smoked, the CBD works fast but it doesn’t last as long as sublingual administration. They are also easy to store, portable, and come pre-measured so you know how much you’re smoking.

If you don’t prefer using vapes and want to stick to smoking the flower itself, that can also be done. There are pre-rolls available to purchase, or you can purchase your own flower and roll it yourself.

Using edibles

Edibles are any kind of food that has been infused with CBD and it works the same way as capsules. They come pre-dosed and portable, but they are quite tasty compared to capsules. They have been gaining popularity lately because anyone can consume them without actually tasting the CBD. This method of consumption will also take a while longer to show results but will last for a long time.

No matter how you consume it, you have to ensure that you are getting your CBD from a legit, trusted source. Hometown Hero CBD is a well-known website with a variety of CBD options to choose from. On top of CBD, we also offer THC products such as the Delta 9 edibles, giving you options to consider.

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