Top 3 WhatsApp Spy Apps First One is Recommended

Top 3 WhatsApp Spy Apps – WhatsApp is the most popular communication freeware app nowadays on which almost every other person is active. With kids and adults being online on WhatsApp messenger all the time, it is no wonder why parents want to spy on their WhatsApp. The online world is loaded with queries asking how to hack someone’s WhatsApp or how to spy on WhatsApp messages, etc. Another reason people want to track the WhatsApp activity of someone is the rising cases of infidelity and online bullying. It may sound weird, but WhatsApp can be the source of sexting, leading to divorce or breakups.

WhatsApp Spy Apps

If you are looking for a WhatsApp spy app and are confused with many available options, this article will benefit you.

Here, we will discuss top WhatsApp spy apps in 2021 with excellent customer ratings and robust functionality.

Top 3 WhatsApp Spy Apps First One is Recommended!

So, you intend to spy on WhatsApp and are baffled about how to do it?

It is no big deal to find a spy app for WhatsApp monitoring, but you need to be vigilant while searching for any spyware program. By using WhatsApp spyware or any monitoring app, you trust the app with your target user’s sensitive data. That is why it is essential to put your money on a reliable and secure cell phone tracking app.

Here, we will explain top WhatsApp spy apps in 2021. Let’s find out the names of the best brands:

  1. TheWiSpy
  2. XnSpy
  3. mSpy

Continue reading and explore the features, functionality, and pricing of these best spy apps for WhatsApp monitoring.

TheWiSpy WhatsApp Monitor:

Rating: 4.08/5 Stars

Let’s start this review with the best WhatsApp monitor 2021. TheWiSpy app earns the top spot in the list of top WhatsApp spy apps. It is a complete cell phone monitoring app delivering a robust feature to track activity. Users can monitor WhatsApp conversations using TheWiSpy app. Moreover, the TWS spyware can track WhatsApp call logs and media sharing activity. TheWiSpy has many happy customers around the globe, making it the most authentic WhatsApp spy app.

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Qualities of TheWiSpy App:

Certain qualities make TheWiSpy app stand out as the best WhatsApp spyware. So let’s check what makes TheWiSpy the best WhatsApp tracking app.

  • Stealth Mode:

TheWiSpy app is a hidden WhatsApp monitor that helps people secretly monitor WhatsApp messages and other activities. It works in 100% stealth mode enabling users to spy on WhatsApp secretly.

  • User-friendly Interface:

TheWiSpy is a user-centric WhatsApp tracking app. There is no complicated installation process to follow, and you can also handle the app very smoothly. TheWiSpy offers a user-friendly app and web interface. You don’t have to be a tech expert to install or use TheWiSpy app on your target device.

  • No Rooting:

The best attribute of TheWiSpy app is its capability to track Android devices without any prerequisite of rooting. But, unfortunately, rooting is a device-damaging process. That is why TheWiSpy developers have created a rooting free spyware app to track WhatsApp activity and monitor WhatsApp conversations remotely.

Top Class Spy Features of TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy app offers high-quality spy tools to enable its users to monitor WhatsApp, Instagram, FB Messenger, Viber, and other messaging apps. Also, TheWiSpy app can record phone calls, track SMS messages, track screen activity and monitor other cell phone activities in real-time.

Instant Messenger Spy – TheWiSpy app helps you spy on WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, FB messenger, Instagram, and many other popular IMs with complete secrecy. You can read IMs conversations and monitor calls under 100% stealth mode.

Call Recording & Blocking – TheWiSpy app can tape all inbound and outbound phone calls. You can use either remote commands to record phone calls or schedule phone call recordings. Moreover, TheWiSpy app can restrict phone numbers from contacting your target device. For example, you can create a contact blocklist and limit people contacting your target user.

GPS Tracking – TheWiSpy app is capable of tracking GPS location in real-time. It records visited addresses, routes taken, and live pinpoints to report end-users about the target user’s whereabouts.

Phonebook Monitoring – TheWiSpy app phonebook monitoring feature allows you to view saved contact lists remotely. You can add and block contacts as well.

Text Message Monitoring – TheWiSpy app enables you to read SMS messages. You can track sent and received messages with timestamps, contact information, and dates.

App Tracking – TheWiSpy users can track the app activity of the mobile device you want to monitor. In addition, the TWS app helps you monitor frequently used apps along with screen time reporting.

Browsing History Spy – TheWiSpy app records the browsing history. You can monitor searched queries, websites, and other browser activities remotely.

Camera Spy – TheWiSpy camera spy enables you to monitor device surroundings by controlling its camera activity. You can secretly activate the camera and take random photos/videos to watch the background environment.

Surround Recording – TheWiSpy app can control the target device’s microphone and allows end-users to record ambient sounds with secret remote access.

WhatsApp Spy Apps

TheWiSpy Compatibility:

TheWiSpy app can track almost every Android device with a running OS of 4.0 or above. No matter if your target device is a Samsung phone or tablet, as long as it has the operating system 4 or higher, you can track it with TheWiSpy app.


TheWiSpy app is the most affordable WhatsApp monitoring program available in the market. It has three editions; basic, premium, and platinum. The basic TWS edition costs $29.99 per month with standard monitoring features. The premium and platinum editions offer advanced spy tools. You can get the monthly premium subscription at $39.99 and the platinum subscription at $69.99.

XnSpy WhatsApp Spy App:

Rating: 3.25/5 Stars

Second, in our top WhatsApp spy apps in 2021 list is the XnSpy app. It is an advanced spyware application with a bunch of quality monitoring features. For example, with the XnSpy WhatsApp monitoring feature, users can monitor WhatsApp conversations and call logs in real-time. The XnSpy app also tracks multimedia sharing activity on WhatsApp and delivers reporting on your target’s WhatsApp actions remotely and secretly.

XnSpy Features:

XnSpy is an all-inclusive spy app that can record almost every activity of Android and iOS devices. It can record surroundings, GPS location, multimedia, and other cell phone activities like a pro. Also, XnSpy enables its users to command and control the target device’s actions in real-time.

XnSpy Compatibility:

The XnSpy application can monitor Android and iOS cellular devices. However, some features of the XnSpy app require rooting/jailbreaking. Another limitation to XnSpy compatibility is that it only works on Android OS versions 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10, 11. And, for iOS monitoring, the operating systems 6.x, 7.x, 8.x up to 14.7.1 are compatible with the XnSpy app.


The XnSpy spyware program comes in two editions. The basic edition starts from $29.99 per month. In contrast, the premium edition starts at $35.99 per month.

mSpy WhatsApp Tracker:

Rating: 3.74/5 Stars

mSpy can be called the best parental control spyware to monitor kid’s devices. Its excellent WhatsApp tracking feature makes it the third-best app in the list of top WhatsApp spy apps in 2021. Although the mSpy app has a better ranking than XnSpy, the reason for positioning it on third-position is that it is a parental control app, and XnSpy is a fully functional cell phone spy app. mSpy app has its merit. It offers quality parental monitoring tools to track and access the digital actions of teens and tweens.

mSpy Features:

The mSpy app allows parents to monitor calls, SMS messages, GPS location and other online and offline cyber activities. Parents can monitor WhatsApp and track Snapchat, FB messenger, Viber, Skype, and other instant messaging applications. Parents can also monitor app usage and record screen activities using mSpy remote commands.

mSpy Compatibility:

The mSpy app is available for Android and Apple devices. Android cell phones must have at least OS 4 or higher versions to get mSpy installed. mSpy for iOS devices has two versions: jailbreak (supports OS 7-9.1) and no-jailbreak (supports all devices). Note that WhatsApp tracking is only obtainable for rooted Android cell phones and tablets.


mSpy app offers 1-month, 3-months, and 1-year licenses. The monthly subscription costs $49.28, the quarterly subscription costs $82.95, and the yearly plan costs $139.57.

The Final Words – Why TheWiSpy is the Best WhatsApp Spy App?

Finding the best spy apps for WhatsApp monitoring is not everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, it would be best to do some market research before investing your trust and money in a WhatsApp spy app.

TheWiSpy app is fully loaded with advanced mobile monitoring features. However, other best spy apps for WhatsApp monitoring mentioned above are also effective. Still, TheWiSpy retains the first position as it provides all vital WhatsApp monitoring and cell phone tracking features at affordable prices.

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