Top 3 Laser Devices For Hair Loss

In today’s modern world inventions like a laser, devices can help you to regrow hair. Hair loss has many impacts on the personality of the person because it brings huge changes in emotions and appearance. Male and females both suffer from hair fall problems. To get over this issue people try many different things, from natural products to hair transplant surgery just to get rid of hair loss.

Take the example of laser caps that use LLLT to treat hair loss. Laser caps are easy solutions to the hard problem and that’s why the demand for laser caps is increasing day by day. The market is full of competition in laser caps makers take the example of Capillus vs Kiierr. Many other laser devices are in great use.

Laser Devices

Here are the top 3 laser devices for hair loss:

  • Capillus Laser cap
  • Kiierr Laser cap system
  • iGrown Hair Growth Laser System

Capillus Laser Cap

In the laser cap marketplace, Camillus is considered one of the best brands. In the hair growth industry, Camillus has an edge in some areas over others. It produces different models of the same laser cap with different amounts of energy and with different price ranges. Here are different variants of capillus caps. The basic Capillus ultra is $999, the CapillusPlus is $1,999 and the last one with the most advanced features is CapillusPro, which is $2,999.

Capillus caps are portable and easy to use. The plus point is that you do not have to wear it for a long time, you have worn it just for 6-minutes daily. No doubt that it requires very little time on the head but it gives good results and can regrow hair.

Kiierr Laser Cap System

Kiierr makes a laser cap that can be worn as a baseball cap. The company recommends users to wear the Kiierr laser cap system for 30-minutes every second day for good results. It comes with 272 medical-grade laser diodes and which cover the whole head. With all these diodes it is still very comfortable to wear and you can wear it before bedtime.

Kiierr laser cap system’s prize is different for a different model. It cost from $595 to $925.

iGrown Hair Growth Laser System

iGrow hair growth laser system is a laser helmet designed to help people to regrow their hair. It is not like ordinary uncomfortable helmets, it is quite easy to wear and is super comfortable. Like in laser caps, the same low-level laser technology is used in these helmets and these lasers do not heat the scalp. So there is no risk of burning while wearing iGrown laser helmet. These lasers stimulate hair follicles to regrow hair and result in reducing hair fall.

iGrow laser helmet is FDA approved and in 2012 it received FDA501k clearance for males with prescription. Its price is $449.


All these products are quite helpful in treating hair loss, which one should you buy is dependent on you. So we hope you get some useful insights about laser devices. If so kindly share this article.

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