Top 10 Features of MLM Software

It isn’t very easy to control a Network Marketing business without the help of an automated system. It is pretty tough to maintain the huge amount of data on the record manually. Also, very often, it leads to loss of vital statistics.

To stop this kind of issue and hassles in developing a Binary MLM business, comprehensive Binary MLM Software can help meet the necessities and attain success.

An MLM Software geared up with all the vital aspects can help a network marketing business with major MLM compensation plans. Here are 10 of the essential features that should be in MLM software

1. E-commerce

E-commerce is the process of selling merchandise and services utilizing businesses and clients over the web or using digital devices. Since the E-commerce model of selling is gaining popularity these days, E-commerce integration is one of the most vital characteristics in an MLM business software. E-commerce integration in MLM software will assist you to benefit from online purchases and services. 

Customer Support System

Customer support is another vital feature in MLM software. MLM software needs to develop a built-in and centralized platform that will manage queries through tickets, forums, and phone calls. The device will set up tickets for the queries as per the importance of the question and reply according to the status. The software additionally has predefined solutions and self-help alternatives in which the user can discover options for the regularly requested queries. MLM Software is blanketed with many features like Email notifications, canned responses, file attachments, time spent on tickets, reply and article rating, SPAM prevention, reports, multi-language, and many more.

Comprehensive Reports

MLM software system offers comprehensive reports that can be used by managers or the admin of the software. Types of reports consist of

 Member Report: An MLM software consists of the whole records of newly joined users involving new consumers becoming a member of as per date and place alongside complete consumer information and info.

 Payment Report: A complete report on the payment given, which consists of amount, date, etc.

 Commission Report: This report provides data on commissions earned by people at different levels.

 User report: This report consists of all the data required to comprehend user details, DOJ, etc.

Website Replication

Website replication is another necessary add-on in MLM software. Website replication permits all users to have their very own site. With this, every user will have their website, which helps in the promotion of the business.

CMS Website Design

CMS or Content Management System is very popular nowadays; through this, a user will have an up-to-date website to get desirable results on the web. Moreover, CMS Website format will assist you in preserving your internet site and makes it easy to update the webpage contents on the go.

Sales Management Tools

hassle-free Sales Management Tool are indispensable in the management of MLM software. It must have the capability to display inventory, reorder stock, and ship orders. The tools should have to be created with your customers and their specific needs in mind.


E-pins are one of the most impervious approaches to a transaction. Most of the MLM companies select E-pin for doing their enterprise transaction thru e-pin registration. E-pin is a function used in most MLM Software for pin technology and new member registration using generated E-pin. In MLM Software, E-pins are developed for several operations consisting of Online Purchase, Online Registration, Sign up, Member Renewal, and more. In addition, an E pin will help in Secured and Versatile Transactions and Reporting System.


E-Wallet is a cloud-based storage medium for preserving data for E-money transactions averting getting into personal records every time of a transaction. E-wallet ensures the E-commerce transactions is done securely and safely. In MLM Software structures, an E-wallet act as a digital account where the users can make transactions with the account. 

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Multilingual Support

Multilingual Support will assist clients worldwide with multi-language Support, Which will help manage the MLM business in their language. 

1. Secure Backup System

With a secure backup system, a user can reconstruct a software program to any former stage barring any data loss. A backup plan will enable a business to preserve its information even when there is any threat to your site.1.

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