Tirupati Darshan – A Quick OverView

Tirupati Darshan is all about the darshan of Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, which is situated in the hill station of Tirupati in the Chittor District of Andhra Pradesh. This temple is considered one of the most sacred temples of India and devotees from India as well as from other corners of the world come at random to visit Tirupati. According to statistics, every day fifty thousand to one lakh pilgrims visit the temple for Tirupati Darshan and for natural reason Tirupati Darshan is an elaborate process these days for the proper management of a multitude of people and to maintain the sanctity of the temple. However, there are special occasions, when at time five to six lakhs of people come for Tirupati Darshan per day because it is a popular belief that Tirupati Darshan helps people to attain ultimate peace of mind and inspires to get optimum success in life.

When The Tirupati Darshan Takes Place

Tirupati Darshan starts from morning and lasts up to 1.30 am at night. There are different types of Darshan as Balaji Maharaj changes his dress many times during the day and devotees can watch his different statures at different times. Moreover there are exclusive arrangement of Darshan for the senior and physically challenged people. There are ordinary Darshan and there are arrangements of paid Darshan also. Tirupati Darshan is available 24×7 days and for the latest timings and different kind of Darshan details, it is always wise to consult temple management or their authorized websites.

Why Tirupati Darshan Is Considered As Sacred

Although the ancient history about this famous temple is not very vividly known, since ages it has been maintained as one of the sacred places of South India. It is believed that the place was the earthly abode of Lord Vishnu hence this place is called Baikunthadham. The temple was exceptionally rich by its wealth because it was believed that whatever is presented to Balaji Maharaj, He returns to His devotees the double of that. As this temple has a long list of affluent and extremely rich and influential patrons, the temple treasury has turned extremely wealthy with their patronage, etc. Apart from wealth, the place is famous for its religious significance, hence it is always considered as a special place for pilgrims of Lord Vishnu. Chennai to Tirupati car rental

Online Booking For Tirupati Darshan

Now with the backup of technology, credit goes to the increased access to Internet, the devotees can plan their Tirupati Darshan by online booking also. This is the way the rush in festive season is managed. Those who want to avail special Darshan may book their request by online arrangement. There are special websites available for Tirupati Darshan booking which is maintained by the Temple trust. Tirupati package from Bangalore  can also help their clients by booking online tickets for this pilgrimage.

How To Access Tirupati Darshan

  • Tirupati Darshan can be reached by railways, roadways, and airways. I have visited the place in all these three ways so narrating the ways for your ready reference.
  • Renigunta is the nearest airport of Tirupati Darshan: once you will reach the Airport, you may avail bus, taxi, luxury sedan to reach the Balaji temple.
  • Tirupati is attached by multiple train services with all major cities of Andhra Pradesh. You can avail of train services for hassle-free Tirupati Darshan.
  • The Hill station Tirupati is connected by all major towns by roadways. Bus, car or other ways of transport can also be availed to reach Tirupati Darshan.
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