Tips to Take Care of Your Health in Delhi

Whether it’s a new job or starting college that has brought you to Delhi, living alone in a new city can be pretty exciting and stressful at the same time. You have to handle your busy schedule and make time to take care of yourself. And it can be difficult to keep yourself on track, especially without others around to keep you accountable.

After all, after a long day at work, it’s so much easier to order a takeaway than to cook yourself something healthy. And who really has the time to think about exercise in between completing four different college papers? And if you live in a single room on rent in Delhi, what does it matter if you stay up all night all the time to catch up on work?

Well, even if you are feeling stressed out and feel you aren’t able to focus on yourself, we believe you deserve better. That’s why we’ve brought you five simple tips to help you take care of your health a lot better in Delhi. Check them out.

Sleep 6-8 hours a night

It’s not impossible. No matter how busy you think you are, there’s always time for sleep if you prioritize it. And you really need to do so. One of the main reasons that you could feel tired, anxious, stressed, and irritable is sleep deprivation.

So, if you’re not getting your sleep every night, your mind and body really need a chance to relax and decompress. Getting sufficient sleep will also leave you with more energy to tackle problems and challenges that arise throughout the day and make your mind feel a lot clearer.

Avoid skipping meals

One of the first things that tend to get compromised in times of stress is your eating habits. After all, you think what’s the worst that can happen if you skip a few meals? Well, it’ll probably lead to you feeling hungrier later in the day and relying on snacks or unhealthy food to fill your cravings. Staying hungry can also make you irritable and unable to focus.

And of course, if you’re making up for the lack of food with additional cups of coffee, then it could even affect the lining of your stomach and lead to an ulcer. Instead of putting yourself at risk like this, make sure that you set ten minutes aside for each of your mealtimes and manage to grab a quick bite. Make it a habit to carry some healthy snacks like fruit or nuts with you in your bag as well so that you can always have something to munch on if you need it. And of course, make sure that you stay hydrated as well.

Get some sunshine

Humans are just like houseplants – we both need food, water and sunlight for survival. And if you’re cooped inside your office or one of the single rooms for rent in Delhi all day long, you’re not really getting enough sun. Which means that you’re not getting the positive benefits of it as well. Being under the sun for as little as ten minutes and as long as two hours can make you feel a whole lot healthier and happier.

You’ll get some much-needed vitamin D and some positive endorphins as well. Just try and ensure that you can enjoy this sunlight before 11 a.m. or after 3 p.m. to avoid the peak afternoon glare. Remember to put on your sunscreen first!

Get some exercise

Yeah, there’s a reason that all those fitness freaks keep talking about the importance of exercise. And it’s not just to keep your body healthy but also your mind. Because every time you engage in some physical activity, it releases endorphins in the brain which make you feel happier and less stressed.

It even improves your focus and concentration and gives you a sense of accomplishment. And you don’t need a gym membership in order to achieve this goal. Go for a morning or evening walk every day, join a yoga class, or just add some routine swaps to your lifestyle that will help you stay more active. Take the stairs rather than a lift or switch your car out for a bicycle during shorter commutes and you’ll be on the path to fitness.

You need to make yourself a priority and take care of your physical and mental health when you live alone in Delhi. And we’re sure that these tips will help you get a little bit closer to being the best version of yourself. Go ahead, try them out for yourself and see!

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