Tips To Pass Certified Ethical Hacker Exam

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The Certified Ethical Hacker or CEH certification is designed for professionals and beginners to provide in-depth knowledge of various malicious attacks, stages of ethical hacking, and countermeasures taken to protect the target systems. It also includes setting up your security infrastructure and minimising the number of loopholes present in the design, which the attackers can detect easily. 

Koenig Solutions is a one-stop destination for you to prepare for the ethical hacker exam. The course provided here helps you understand vulnerabilities in your system and strengthen it to reduce the risk of threatening attacks. In addition, it offers lectures from certified educators and updated study material to increase your chances of clearing the exam with maximum margin.

Tips To Pass The CEH Exam

The ethical hacker certification exam tests a candidate on the fundamental understanding and hands-on experience of ethical hacking concepts. Therefore, you need to have a detailed study plan and work accordingly.

Mentioned below are a few tips that will help you escalate your productivity and clear the exam.

1. Know Your Exam

The foremost step of preparation is to know details about your exam. The candidate should know the rules and guidelines provided by the EC Council for the ethical hacker exam to ensure the right track for preparation. 

The essential details also include exam prerequisites, total marks, passing percentage and the time allotted for the examination. These details will help you to get an overview of the test and what type of questions you can expect in the paper.

2. Updated Syllabus

The syllabus of the examination keeps on changing according to skills that are essential in the current scenario. So, a candidate must know the syllabus and other necessary skills for the test. Also, each section has a specific weightage and marks in the paper. Candidates should be aware of this distribution and divide their time to each topic accordingly.

The basic outline of the topics covered in the Ethical Hacking course is given below:

  • Understand network and information security technologies
  • Implement security threats and attack vectors
  • Security attack detection and prevention
  • Security tools and programs

3. Create A Study Plan

After you know what to study and the weightage of the topics, you can create a proper study plan. Your study plan should be realistic and implementable. 

According to psychology, dividing your study plan into learning and practicing sessions is an effective way of gaining complete understanding.

Also, having an overview before and after the lecture is beneficial. For example, if you have your DDoS attacks lecture scheduled for tomorrow, you should research the topic so that things taught in the class will be more precise. In addition, revising the concepts after the course will make the information in your mind even more concrete.

4. Evaluate With Practice Papers

You need to evaluate your understanding of the concepts through practice papers. The topics covered in the exam are monumental and conceptual based. So, to retain such varied information and distinguish between different concepts in the examination, it is essential for you to practice beforehand. 

It also helps you understand the type of questions that come in the exams and how the examiner expects the candidate to answer a particular question. 

Koenig Solutions provides a wide range of sample papers and helps you master the skills required to obtain these cybersecurity certifications. It also provides previous year question papers for you to have a better idea of the exam pattern.

5. Join A Community

When other ethical hacking aspirants share your environment, it helps you understand the concepts in various ways and upgrade your existing knowledge. You should join different CEH groups to ask your doubts and seek expert guidance from people who have already cleared the examination. 

Koenig Solutions facilitates doubt clarification sessions and help to achieve your daily goals according to your study plan.


The number of malicious attacks in 2020 was 5.6 billion, a point of concern for most corporate sectors and government bodies. Therefore, firms are hiring professionals to safeguard confidential information and increase the efficiency of the protection layer of their network infrastructure. 

Therefore, acquiring these certifications provide you with an extra edge over other candidates and increase your chances of getting a better job.

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