Tips to Clear 8 Maths Olympiad

For every child wanting to grow up, be independent and finally make a few decisions of his own, class 8 is where it all begins. You’re not an adult yet, but you’re no longer the minor child; you were so tired of being. Chances are, you’ve already with words like IIT and entrance exams, along with much advice floating around you as to how this is the perfect time for you to establish the ideal foundation of a successful career.

One such piece of advice, “Appear for the IMO” or the International Math Olympiad, because just doing well in school isn’t enough. To compete ahead at the national level, you need to be right on top of your game, and such exams help you get a good grip over the subject and help understand the degree of competitiveness that lies out there.

Now, you heard all this; you want to appear of the IMO and are ready to give it all you’ve got. What you need next is the proper guidance, and we’re here to help with it. Read along and practice for SOF IMO Question Papers Class 8 to make a note of while starting your preparation for the IMO. Everyone has their journey, and the same rules don’t always apply written to make them suitable for just about anyone.

Answer the Why?

Being successful in the IMO, or at anything for that matter, doesn’t come without the right reasons. The decision to try and score well in the exam can in a matter of minutes, but sticking to it for months together is where the challenge lies.

So if you’re doing it just because everyone around you is, or because you wanted to prove something, or even because your parents promised a new Phone as a reward, you’re better off staying away from it.

However, if towards math, feel like you need an additional challenge other than school exams, and are just excited about it in general, pat yourself on the back because you’re in this one for the right set of reasons. All you need is the determination to stick to it.

Remember, Well begun is half done!

While having a good tutor is important, it eventually boils down to your effort and how much you’ve put in for the exam. A simple google search gives you hundreds of numbers and emails you can contact, where everyone seems to promise a guaranteed great score. So surf the internet, shortlist a few that fit your budget, read reviews, and circle in on one.

Pay the fees, and you’re all set to kickstart your test preparation. The Olympiad examinations assess a student’s memorization of subjects and their comprehension and application. Every kid, for example, learns how to calculate HCF and LCM, but the problems a student must answer on “Implementations of Heat exchanger and Integrand.”

Stick to it

Like mentioned earlier, it’s easy to take up a daunting task, but not so easy to stick to it. You’ll notice all that initial enthusiasm dwindle a little a month into the preparation stages. That’s okay. We’re humans, and it’s almost as to get bored quickly. But realize, this is the phase that decides whether you get a good score or whether you’ll make good excuses for not getting a good score.

It’s tiring, but it’s essential to stick to the routine, trust your tutor, and keep putting in the effort, little by little, every coming day. Once you’re confident of your preparation and feel like you’ve covered most of the portion, it’s time to appear for the mock tests. While you can also choose anything available on the internet, there’s no better reference than the actual previous year’s question papers.

So give it as though it’s the final one and check your mistakes only after you’ve completed. Also, make sure you note the time while you appear for these tests, and the last thing you want to be doing is to refer to solutions right away. It’ll be no better than cheating yourself.

Know when to take a break

“Kabhi Kabhi cheating chalti hai, bas aadat nahi banni chaiye” So goes a famous dialogue from the popular Web Series Kota Factory from TVF. It very much applies to not only the IIT prep but the IMO prep too. There are going to be days when you’re just not at it or can’t seem to get the sum right, which you usually quickly solve.

That’s a sign; you need to relax a bit. There’s no pride in overworking your brain and draining it to the point where it just can’t add two and twos together. Occasionally, little breaks from study sessions are fine. Watch a film, have a samosa. Realize you’ve got a life outside of the test preparation zone too.

Unless this break turns into a vacation, you should be good to go. Although being a difficult nut to break, A Math Olympics can be a gratifying and thought experience. Aside arithmetic provides a glimmer of optimism knowledge that every difficulty has a resolution. So, if you want to compete in a Math Olympiad and have your aptitude and problem-solving abilities tested, you need to start preparing right now.

Keep calm and believe in Youself

Getting anxious before the test is very natural, but it’s essential not to let it affect your score. Believe in the preparation you’ve done, believe in your tutor, and go for it. What counts is trying! Understand you did all you could, and now let the results take care of themselves!

This was a short & quick walkthrough of a few tips to help you through your test preparation for the IMO. It doesn’t have any formulas, hacks, or last-minute cheat codes to better your score, because unfortunately, no such regulations exist. The only way you can succeed at such exams is when you are determined, disciplined, and honest throughout your preparation.

Trying to find shortcuts won’t reach you to a good score. To end it, the last piece of advice is that every piece of advice is just an opinion. You do you, do what you feel is right and trust your starts.

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