Tips For Traveling to London for 72 hours

London remains of the most popular and exciting cities among tourists and visitors as there are hundreds and thousands of things to do and see here. There are beautiful parks, amazing museums, historical sites, world-class theatre, endless options for foodies and shopaholics. Moreover, let luggage hero take care of any left luggage London, and you can roam around freely without worrying about your baggage.

So, you just have 72 hours in London? Well, to be honest, it is simply not possible to cover the magic of London in just three days. While it can be a bit overwhelming to plan those hours and make the best use of your time, it is possible to cover the main attractions provided you have a well-planned itinerary. Still, you got to make the most of what you have.

It is best to chalk out an itinerary for your three-day visit before you start your vacation. It is absolutely necessary as the opening hours could be different for different landmarks on various days. After all, your aim is to make the most of your three-day visit to the city. Here is the way to go!

Day 1

Start with Westminster Abbey and explore the nearby attractions such as Parliament Square & Houses of Parliament and Churchill War Rooms. After spending some time there, head towards Buckingham Palace and St. James’s Park. If you have time, enjoy the famous ceremony of the Changing the Guard. Trafalgar Square & the National Gallery should be next on your list. Later, take the Tube to Marble Arch to explore the popular Hyde Park. Westminster Bridge and London Eye should be next on your list if you have some time left.

Day 2

Start your second day at the Tower of London and cross over Tower Bridge to reach the River Thames. Enjoy the views and visit the nearby landmarks and authentic neighborhoods. Take the tube to Goodge Street to visit one of the world’s most famous museums, the British Museum. Explore the nearby Camden Town and other sites of interest such as Borough Market, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Sky Garden, Shakespeare’s Globe, The Shard, and more. Enjoy the West End Show to get acquainted with the cultural side of London.

Day 3

Keep the last day a bit relaxed and less hectic and explore Trafalgar Square, which happens to be one of the city’s most prominent squares. After strolling around, head for the Kensington Palace and Kensington Gardens. Send some relaxing time here in the open green spaces. For the afternoon, it is best to save some time to enjoy the famous British afternoon tea in Kensington and if you still have some time and energy left, explore the National Gallery, which is one of the most famous art galleries in the UK.

It is highly recommended that you check out the London Pass for easy and convent travel across the city. You can get impressive discounts and free entry to several attractions, tours, and museums in London. You will save both money and time once you have the London Pass.

If you are able to cover all those sites and attractions, you have indeed covered the most important landmarks of the city. Your objective should be to cover top landmarks due to lack of time. Enjoy eating at the street food stands, where you will always get fresh food and at lower costs. Take advantage of Luggage storage in London and look forward to a wonderful vacation in London, even if for just three days!

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