Tips for Planning an Exotic Getaway as a College Student

Tips for Planning an Exotic Getaway as a College Student

As a student, it must feel impossible to step anywhere outside the college campus. There can be a few misconceptions about money and time that don’t let you go far out. 

Money is a big problem in college as you start learning to manage finances. When you are on your own, financial things could get out of hand if not planned properly.

In college, time also feels like a big hurdle to travel. However, if you count your national holidays and the summer/winter break, you will surely have enough time to spare for a leisurely getaway. 

Don’t miss the long weekends which you can use to travel to nearby tourist spots.

Explore Your Own State

It is natural to want to explore the whole world. But let’s start small. 

As a student, it is easier to plan local travel rather than international tours. Also, international travel takes a lot of money and you have to start saving early.

Start by googling for getaways in and around your state. Find hashtags and popular places. You can even follow vloggers and bloggers. These people will also give you some ideas about the less explored places in the state. 

When you are traveling around, note down the places that look interesting and you can come back and visit. 

If you can, maintain a bucket list for your state and check things off as you do it. 

Road Trips

The best way to explore places near your state is a road trip. This is also a great way to hang out with friends and jam to some music. 

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Road trips can be planned last minute, and they are a great way to go out and explore places during the weekends. They get you out of your routine and let you feel your adventurous side. You get to save some money and spot new areas to explore along the way. 

Road trips may only last a weekend, but they give you a lifetime of memories.


As a research/STEM student, conferences and presentations are among the easiest ways to get out of your state. They’re a highly underrated method of travel. 

If your subjects don’t involve research or fieldwork, some googling can help you find a few related conferences.

Conferences help you travel with your finances managed by the college department. Otherwise, you can look for sponsored research projects and get your expenses reimbursed. 

One disadvantage of traveling for conferences is the work for presenting at the conference. Sometimes you will have to deal with a lot of writing. Writers Per Hour is an excellent online service if you need to complete any urgent papers within few hours

Online Classes

If you are one of the few lucky students, your course might offer online classes. Online classes give you plenty of time as well as the freedom to travel. 

One of the greatest advantages of online classes is that you can attend the class while traveling. You get to decide when you attend which class. 

If your classes don’t need you to be online at a specific time and are pre-recorded you have all the freedom to go around the world. You can find a quiet cafe and attend your classes on the go. 

Off-season Travel

To keep finances down during travel, try going to places off-season

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Christmas, New Year, or national festival times involve crowded tourist places and expensive flight tickets. When you plan to travel off-season you get cheaper flights, the tourist spots have lesser crowds and it is also helpful for the planet!

Do your research about the place you intend to go to and plan an off-season trip for a budget-friendly trip.


If you’re passionate about traveling, college term should be no challenge. 

Don’t let time or finances hold you back! 

Pack your bags and blow off some steam!