Tips for nail polish to last longer

In this text, we are going to give tips for nail polish to last longer, they are essential tips for those who want a nail polish that lasts.

Nobody likes to put nail polish on their nails and in a short time, it’s all gone. Thinking about that, we’ve separated some tips on the subject.

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So, ready for our amazing tips to make your nail polish last longer? Read on and discover our beauty tips.

The amazing nails women do after hours in the salon may simply not last as long as they want. Who doesn’t want to know how to make their nail polish last longer?

Many nails only last a week, others even less, but there are women that after 2 or 3 days the enamel starts to peel. Many wholesale nail polish companies offer good quality products. But do they actually work?

All of this usually occurs due to the person’s routine, for example, if she uses a lot of alcohol in a gel, moves a lot with water without gloves or any other type of care, rubs her nails often, and other common everyday situations.

Nail care is one of the greatest proofs of self-love that women make for themselves. 

If you’re one of those women who does your nails every week, who likes makeup, likes it so much that you put nail polish and makeup on your daughter looks good. too, but you feel that your nail polish isn’t lasting long, check out the amazing tips below that will make your enamel last much longer.

How to make your nail polish last longer?

  1. Keep your nails well groomed

If your nail is resting, the nail polish may not last long. The first tip is to always keep your nails polished, keeping them smooth for the foundation.

After polishing your nails, always wash your hands with soap and water, without applying moisturizers.

  1. Always Watch If Your Nails Are Oily

Oily nails are one of the main reasons why nail polish doesn’t last very long. If you feel that your nails are very oily, apply a fortifying foundation and then put a little cotton wool with vinegar to remove the oil.

There are people who have oilier nails than others. Every care is important, both for the health of the nails and for making the enamel last longer.

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  1. Base fortifying

Applying the glaze directly on the nail without preparation with a base can harm the health of your nails. In addition to making the nail polish not last, the base is the product that protects your nails.

Thus, before applying any type of enamel, apply a thin layer of fortifying base. This foundation contains several vitamins that ensure nail health and strength throughout the week.

  1. Do not use old nail polishes, give preference to new ones

Always check the expiration date of the nail polishes you have kept before using them on your nails. Even though it is within the expiration date, there are some products that when stored for a long period of time can age.

Aged enamel peels off faster. Therefore, it is important not to keep the enamel for too long, as this will affect its durability as well as the color. You can find new nail polishers easily online on sites like Coteshop.

  1. Apply two coats of nail

polish Many nail polishes promise high coverage with a simple brush stroke. But, this is not always what happens.

In fact, if you want the nail polish color to last for at least 7 days, a single coat of nail polish won’t allow you to achieve that durability.

Always apply two coats of enamel to the nail to ensure the durability of the color and the nail.

  1. The enamel coating must be fine

The biggest secret of enamel durability is the application of thin layers of the product. Remembering that the first layer does not cover the tips of the nails and also does not cover the color of the enamel package. Only the second layer completely covers the nails and guarantees the desired color.

Then apply two thin layers, even the first one being a little faded and with small imperfections.

The last of the tips to make your nail polish last longer

In addition to all these shared tips, always use an extra shine to ensure your nail polish lasts longer.

So, what did you think of our tips to make your nail polish last longer? Tell us here in the comments, and don’t forget to share our tips with your network of contacts.

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