7 Useful Tips for iCloud Users

iCloud is considered one of the best storage solutions available today. No wonder why it’s so popular among Apple users. First of all, it’s very easy to set up. Secondly, it offers very attractive pricing plans in case a free limit of 5GB is not enough for you. Also, iCloud ensures instant document and photo sharing between different devices.

Besides, you can make a complete backup of your iPhone or iPad using this storage. It’s important to note that iCloud allows for secured browser access from PC and Mac. Once signed in, you’ll be asked to enter a secure pin code sent to another Apple device. By the way, if you can’t sign in to iCloud on Mac, you can easily solve this issue with the help of a support team. Now that you realize how great this storage is, read the best tips on how to use it effectively.

7 Tips for iCloud Users
Tips for iCloud Users

Buy more space

Depending on your goals, the minimum iCloud storage may not be enough for you. Luckily, Apple offers more space for an extra payment. You have an opportunity to purchase an affordable monthly plan that doesn’t limit your needs. You can do it using the funds on your Apple ID instead of your credit card. How? Look for an Apple ID Account in your iTunes account and click ‘Add Funds to Apple ID’. Note that your family members can’t spend your Apple ID budget even if you use Family Share.

Choose what to back up

Before you decide what apps you want to back, check if you actually can do it. Go to your Settings menu and make sure that the iCloud Backup service is enabled. After that, select which apps and services you want to protect, so your device will automatically back up your apps from time to time. However, you can also make it manually by clicking the Back Up Now button. To see when your data was last secured, pay attention to the date of your last backup.

Be flexible

You can facilitate the uploading process by creating an iCloud drive on your devices. This way, you won’t need to go through the iCloud website because you can just drag and drop your files to the cloud. Since the storage gives access to your data from different devices, the documents will be synced. This allows you to review, edit, and share them using your Mac, iPhone or iPad. By being flexible, you can work even while traveling away from the office.

Share your data

iCloud positions itself not only as a storage platform but also as a collaboration tool. Hence, you should take advantage of it. You can share information with other people using the Family Share feature, so they will be able to see your documents, location and purchases. It’s important to note that you can set different restrictions on data accessibility. Apart from that, iCloud ensures a very individualized approach. You can share files by clicking on each of them and adding people who are allowed to view or edit them.

Use iCloud Keychain

To keep your data safe, you should use Keychain, which is a built-in password management system created by Apple. With its help, you can create a 4-digit iCloud Security Code. This feature also helps you keep track of all the other passwords you use every day. Once you have opened a new account in Safari, Keychain starts creating and storing random but complex passwords for you. You can quickly access them by searching in the Passwords tab of your device.  By the way, this tool can be found in your System Preferences.

Download your purchases automatically

Another great benefit of iCloud is that it makes your App Store purchases available to you no matter what device you are using. You don’t have to lose your precious time moving your purchased apps from Mac to iPad. Go to the Store Preference tab on your device and select the Automatic Downloads option. After that, iCloud will automatically download your newly purchased apps, soundtracks and books, making them accessible from any of your devices.

Benefit from iCloud Photo Library

You must know that photos and videos are the most voluminous files on your iPhone. But because of their sentimental value, it may be impossible for you to delete them in order to save space. The good news is that you can solve your dilemma with the help of iCloud. Thanks to its Photo Library’s optimization feature, you can save the full-resolution photos and videos in the store while keeping smaller-sized files on your smartphone. You can access this feature in your iCloud settings under Photos.


iCloud is a great solution for Apple users who need more storage. With this tool, you will forget about situations when you lack space for your photos or documents. Hopefully, the tips offered above will help you optimize your work with iCloud.

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