Tips for gifting to someone in Singapore

In an increasingly globalized world, there may come a time when you need to give a gift to someone in Singapore and you don’t know where to begin. Often the first option that comes to mind when we need to send a gift to someone is flowers, but we really need to start our tips by saying that it will be difficult to impress someone in this country by giving flowers since Singapore has a great tradition in flowers and gardens.

Singapore hosts one of the most important botanical gardens in the world, the Singapore Botanical Gardens, founded in 1859 and recognized as a UNESCO heritage site, Singapore is also well known for its beautiful orchids.

One of the biggest attractions of the botanical garden is its orchid nursery, which is said to be the largest nursery in the world. The variety of plants in the place is huge and the beauty of the flowers is indescribable! For those who like flowers, it is certainly an unmissable tour in Singapore!

But let’s stop talking about Singapore and let’s start with the tips for selecting a gift for someone in the country. 

The first thing you need to know about Singapore is that the majority of the population is of Chinese, Malaysian, or Indian descent.

If you are exchanging gifts in Singapore with someone of Chinese descent, never give away cutting utensils, such as scissors or knives. This may mean that you want to interrupt your relationship with that person. Also, do not give watches or handkerchiefs, as these are often associated with death.

If you are going to exchange gifts with someone of Malaysian descent, never give alcoholic beverages. Also, do not give anything produced with pigskin, as most Malaysians are Muslim.

If you are going to exchange gifts with someone of Indian descent, never give flowers of the frangipani species, as they are used in funerals. Also, be careful not to give a Hindu anything leather. Here is also a tip on alcoholic beverages, never give it to someone unless you are absolutely sure that the person drinks.

One good option can be finding a company who does gift delivery in Singapore. In most cases, companies that deliver international gifts have information about what is allowed and what is not in line with local culture.  

And if despite Singapore is widely known for its flowers and gardens you still want or need to present someone with flowers, a single recommendation would be to avoid orchids, the national flower, which could demonstrate a lack of creativity on your part.

In any case, an international flower delivery in Singapore will certainly be able to offer different options such as roses, lilies, or other flowers that you and your recipient may like.

With all the tips above on what to avoid, you will surely find great options if you need to gift someone in Singapore, whatever the occasion. Singapore is certainly an incredible place, filled with special people who deserve to receive your gifts and displays of affection.

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