Tips for finding an orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon

Do you have an orthopedic injury that needs immediate medical care, but you don’t know where to find an expert surgeon? Finding an expert surgeon can be challenging, but you should ask for recommendations from loved ones. You can also review your experience with a specific surgeon and ask them whether they are board-certified or not. An experienced orthopedic surgeon can impact how effective the surgery will be on the shoulder or elbow. You should look for an orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon in La Jolla who meets your needs. These bits of advice can help you find the right orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon.

Ask Around

You can start by creating a list of potential surgeons nearby and ask family and friends or primary caregivers about their experience with the surgeons. Starting without recommendations might be challenging, and it would be wise to consult the primary care doctor as they understand your injury and recommend surgeons who can meet your needs.

Ask About Their Credentials and Experience

You can call each orthopedic surgeon on the list and ask them about their experience and credentials. If your issue is the elbow or shoulder, you can get adequate experience in treating the body part. The more experienced the orthopedic surgeon will be, the better the results. It would be wise to confirm if the orthopedic surgeon is a board registered with the medical boards in the state. It is also important to whether the orthopedic surgeon has any malpractice or has any disciplinary.

Scrutinize the Hospital

Orthopedic procedures require a highly trained healthcare team and advanced equipment; thus, hospitals should have advanced tools and skilled professionals. You can use factors such as mortality and complication rates to determine if the hospital is well equipped to conduct complicated procedures. You can visit the hospital to determine how the medical staff treats patients and if they adhere to the best medical procedures.

Interview the Orthopedic Surgeon

You may book an appointment and meet and interview the prospective orthopedic surgeon. You can determine if they respect your opinions and educate you on the procedure or are comfortable talking with them. You may ask them if they normally treat patients like you, the number of orthopedic surgeries they have conducted. Ask if they are willing to share the outcome data from the procedures. They should also inform you about complications you can face after orthopedic procedures.

Inquire About Insurance Benefits

You can ask about the insurance benefits you will receive from the orthopedic procedure. It would be a win if you ended up paying as little as possible from your pocket. Your surgeon should advise about the insurance benefits; moreover, participating in an insurance plan like yours would cut the costs.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a qualified and experienced orthopedic surgeon might be challenging. However, you can ask your primary caregiver to recommend one who can meet your needs. It would be wise to ask around and read patient experience when choosing one who deals with shoulder and elbow injuries. You may ask about their experience. Insurance benefits and after-care post-surgery. Good luck finding a surgeon who meets your needs. 

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