Business travel made easy: Tips for booking business hotels

When it comes to booking a hotel for a business trip, there are some differences to consider compared to a conventional, private hotel booking. 

The following article explains what is basically important when booking business hotels and how these can be significantly simplified. 

The special features of business travel – what to look out for

Many hotels that are also designed to meet the special needs of business travelers, for example, often offer reduced rates for companies. 

Private bookings also often provide for a payment to be made at check-out or a deposit to be paid in advance. This is fine for private travel, of course, but would be a distinct disadvantage for business bookings.

After all, at the end of the month this means an enormous amount of work for the accounting department when they have to collect the individual receipts and arrange the corresponding reimbursements. 

For business trips, it is particularly important to always keep an overview of the various bookings. This is useful, for example, when it comes to analyzing the total costs incurred for employees’ hotel stays or checking where which employees are currently located.

Private bookings, however, offer hardly any corresponding possibilities for this. The requirements for booking business trips are therefore different.

For example, the hotel should be characterized by sufficient parking spaces, a perfectly functioning Wlan, overnight allowances and the possibility for group bookings, such as the renowned Business Hotel Sempachersee

Unfortunately, today there are still many companies that do not book special business hotels, but make their reservations in the same way as for private trips. This makes the organization of business trips unnecessarily time-consuming and challenging.

Helpful tools for business travel booking

For instance, it is hardly possible to get comprehensive information about all options regarding business booking. As a result, business trips often turn out to be too costly, haphazard, and unorganized.

In addition, many employees prefer to book their rooms for their business trips independently and flexibly anyway. 

Companies can thus benefit greatly from user-friendly tools that will ensure that booking hotels for business trips will prove to be much easier and more relaxed in the future.

Nowadays, it takes a lot of effort to compare the numerous hotels and websites in order to find the best solution for individual requirements. 

With special tools, however, there is access to a wide range of providers and particularly attractive rates for business travel. This way, there is always a guarantee of the best corporate rates. 

Efficient and fast booking

Once the ideal hotel has been selected with the help of the tool, it often only takes a single click to make the booking. Thus, the cumbersome and time-consuming search for a credit card can be dispensed with. No advance payment is required either. 

The hotels booked with the help of practical tools and service providers know immediately at the time of booking that the guest is on a business trip.

The arrival can therefore be prepared according to the special needs. Billing is handled by the tool directly with the hotel, so there are no annoying problems at check-in either. 

Even if the employees enjoy the freedom to book their hotel for the upcoming business trip on their own, they can easily be granted access to the respective tool.

They can thus make their booking on their own. Companies can also set a price cap per night according to their own travel policies and transfer it to the portal. 

Saving high administrative costs

The tools also provide an informative and user-friendly overview. This means there is no longer any need to maintain manual lists of employees’ individual business trips.

The time-consuming collection of invoices and hotel receipts is also eliminated, as they are stored directly on the platform. 

All costs incurred in a month for hotel bookings as part of business trips can be combined in one monthly invoice via the practical platforms. This eliminates the need to reconcile various payments of hotel bills, expenses and company credit cards.