Investor Alert: Tips for Bitcoin traders

There is a lot of talk about how the bitcoin revolution and other digital and virtual currencies, which are not real money, are on the rise. A new product or technology can be both a fraud and a great way to make a lot of money. Further, the fraudster easily influences the potential investor by offering them the guarantee of better returns in a new investment space.

Bitcoin investments may have a higher risk of fraud

Fraudsters often use new technology and innovations to set up scams that look genuine. Fraudsters may try to get people to invest in Bitcoin by saying that this is a great way to get in on the ground floor of this new technology, promising or even guarantying high returns on their money. Investors may find it difficult to reject these investment proposals.

As with any kind of investment, be cautious if you see any of these indications of investment fraud:

High investment returns guarantee

There is nothing like a guaranteed way to get a high rate of return on investment. However, be suspicious of anybody who offers a good return on investment with a few or no risks.

Unsolicited proposals 

A sales pitch that isn’t asked for may be completely fake. It’s essential to be very careful if you get a message about an investment option that you didn’t ask for and you don’t know the person who sent it.

Unlicensed traders

Securities laws at both the federal and state level require investment consultants and their companies that offer and sell investments to be licensed or registered to do so. However, several fraudulent investment schemes consist of members who aren’t licensed or businesses that aren’t registered.

It looks to be unreal

If you get any offer of an investment that is too good, it likely isn’t going to work out for you. Think about the fact that investments that make more money usually have more risk, so be careful.

No net worth or income requirements

The federal securities laws say that unless an exclusion from registration applies, all sales of securities must be registered with the SEC. In most cases, people who want to avoid having to register must be “accredited investors.” Hence, avoid such unregistered or private investment options that don’t ask regarding your income or net worth. So, you should be careful about it.

Persuasion to purchase IMMEDIATELY

Fraudsters may attempt to develop a false feeling of urgency to gain access to the investment. Take the time to thoroughly examine an opportunity to invest before entrusting it with your money.

Select a Secure Wallet

Your Bitcoin wallet is like a safe deposit box for your digital assets, so it’s important to pick wisely to make sure your money is safe and easy to get to. It’s possible to select from a lot of different options. Every app has its unique features. Thus, you can select accordingly.

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For new traders, it’s best to use a reputable broker, like Coinbase, and then use the wallet they give you.

 You need to link the hot wallet to the internet. That’s why it becomes easier for the hackers to penetrate the system. “Cold wallets” hold your money offline and are thought to be more secure than normal wallets.

If you want immediate access and just retain a modest quantity of Bitcoin, go for the hot wallet. A hot wallet can work as long as you verify the provider’s reliability. When storing Bitcoins of significant worth, it is advisable to use a cold wallet. 

Ideally, you should use both. You should keep a small amount of money on hand, but most of your money should be kept offline.


There are a lot of scams in the Bitcoin trading market because it’s so open, complex, and new. These are a few of the scams to look out for. In addition, you should maintain your wits concerning you, be aware of anything suspicious, and use strong safety measures. Thus, these are a few tips for you to make you aware of fraudsters. However, you can invest safely and efficiently by using Bitcoin Era app.So, start your Bitcoin trading now!