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Thule is a trusted name in the Canadian baby gear industry for quality and design. In a time where more parents are looking for environmentally friendly baby products, Thule is helping parents find the best option for their growing family. Pauses in our lives are common and though it may seem like we are going through them all at once, sometimes it’s important to take a step back and breathe. Focus on the things you can control and enjoy each day as you are growing your family up.

Thule baby strollers are the choice of thousands of parents because you can count on their quality. The lightweight construction, easy manoeuvrability and compact fold-up allow for effortless mobility around town. Includes a large shopping basket, reclining seat with safety straps, and rear suspension that absorbs shocks when riding over uneven surfaces.

Thule is a brand that can be trusted to deliver baby gear that’s solid, good-looking and built to last. Their universal baby thule strollers  adapter lets you use their strollers with other brand racks, while their parent-facing XC ski stroller lets you fit up to three kids under five years old.

The Thule Cadence stroller gives you a smooth, comfortable ride plus the convenience of an extra-large storage basket. The adjustable, flip-out canopy keeps the baby shaded from the sun and away from potential stranglers. And the ultra-comfortable, multi-position seat reclines to a near flat position for a cosy nap.

The Thule name of the trust – over four decades of experience. We know that when you’re choosing a stroller or crib, you’re entrusting your child’s safety to us. So it’s important that you choose a product that has been tested thoroughly to ensure it meets our high standards. Whether you are looking for a stroller to stroll around the block or a travel system for your growing baby, we can help.


Thule has been around for close to ninety years so they have made their mark in the Canadian market. They are revolutionizing the baby market by inventing infant car seats, strollers, car booster chairs and so much more.

Babies and toddlers deserve the best. That’s why we created a broad range of smart, practical and safe baby gear. Equipped with innovative solutions for our youngest passengers, our products promise to make family outings easy and fun for everyone—including you.

Are You a New Mummy? It’s Time to Get a Baby Stroller!

The Thule Urban Glide Stroller is a luxury, all-terrain stroller that was designed with the active lifestyle in mind. Offering an array of incredible features, including a windshield to protect the baby’s face from harmful UV rays, temperature-controlled seat cushioning, and hydration compatibility, the Urban Glide is certainly perfect for taking a baby out for a stroll.

So, you’ve got a new baby. You’re about to start experiencing life in a whole new way; the world is coming at you fast!   Your little bundle of joy needs something to ride in and you’re not sure what. Now that your baby’s ready to stroll the streets and take on the world, it’s time to get a stroller! Thule have been offering strollers for over 30 years and know how important it is to have a quality stroller for your precious little one.

The thule urban glide 2 is a solid jogging stroller that is lightweight and versatile. There are many reasons why this jogging stroller is a popular choice among parents, but the most important one is safety. Safety features include a lockable front swivel wheel that prevents the stroller from going right or left while running, a quick-release handlebar in case of a flat tire, a complete protection cage to prevent injury, and an adjustable suspension system to help with rough terrain.

The Thule Urban Glide 2 will appeal to experienced runners as it features a traditional car seat beneath the child seat. It is also suitable for babies and toddlers up to around 10 months old. There’s a separate padded base for increased safety. Baby seat belts are included in the price of the stroller and should always be used correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The stroller is particularly suitable for younger children as it features a belt path for safety and easy access without having to remove the car seat from the vehicle.

Find the Perfect stroller for your Kids

Thule makes it easy to find the perfect stroller for your kids. Whether you’re looking for a sporty stroller for your active toddler or an all-terrain jogging stroller for your growing family, Thule has what you need to keep up with active lifestyles.

Thule offers an impressive selection of strollers, all designed to make life easier for busy parents. Set out on adventures with the Thule Flex Lite, a super compact full suspension stroller that is ideal for hikers or dog owners. For everyday errands, strolls in the park or shopping trips, try the Thule Chariot Cross, offering big-kid comfort and adjustable handling. Travel with your little one in style and comfort with the Chariot Lite, which conveniently collapses flat for easy storage in most trunks. Choose the Thule Glide & Smooth for active families on the go that wants ultimate versatility

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