Cyber Security Specialists

Three Things Cyber Security Specialists Help You With

Nowadays anything happens online. Whether it’s the promotion of your website, unique deals on your webshop, or creative content you share exclusively, there’s a place and a solution for everything.

However, to benefit from the internet you have to work securely. Working with a specialist in cyber security is a great investment. In this blog, we’ll name three things these experts can do for you!

Threat intelligence

The internet is used by everyone. This means that not only do people use it for the good, but people will also use the internet for some bad activities.

You want to protect yourself from these bad activities, as there often are victims. Luckily, an expert knows exactly how to prevent you from this.

By using threat intelligence, these experts scan the internet looking for possible danger coming your way. When something is found, they know what it takes to prevent an attack from happening, which means your website and the rest of your company online is always protected.

In this context, employing a comprehensive Threat Intelligence Platform can significantly augment these efforts, providing a more sophisticated and integrated approach to detecting and neutralizing potential cyber threats.

Brand protection

An important part of your company is the way in which you create your own brand. There are a lot of different aspects when it comes to your brand: your logo, your corporate colors, and your way of communicating with customers, but also the content you share online is part of your brand.

Because you share it online, it can be easy for someone to find your brand and run with it, especially if you don’t work with brand protection. You expect to scan the internet looking for people that use your brand illegally, after which they immediately remove it. 

Dark web monitoring services

The internet is not the only place you should be wary of when it comes to cyber security: a place that’s even more dangerous in a lot of instances is the dark web.

People use the dark web anonymously, which enables them to share whatever they want. Dangerous cyber attacks are often planned on the dark web, as hackers can say whatever they want on here.

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To prevent this from happening, working with the right dark web monitoring services is a smart choice, as you scan the dark web, meaning you know exactly what to expect.


If are you looking for a company to help you with the services listed above, then we suggest working with Onsist.

Not only do they help with the execution of these services, but they also provide you with a monthly report of the actions they took, so that you’re always fully aware of what’s happening with your company online.