Three Communication Issues That Your Intranet Can Help With

There isn’t a single firm out there that doesn’t struggle with efficient workplace communication. In fact, 86 percent of CEOs blame workplace failures on insufficient communication. If you manage a small business, it’s easier to get everyone in one place for a company-wide update or discussion. 

Employee intranet portal are a cost-effective method for businesses to handle these difficulties. For example, most intranet Solution with communication tools comes pre-installed with knowledge bases, forums, and a blogging platform, so all you have to do now is add your users and enable each feature. Even better, the nature of these collaborative channels allows executives to promote openness and transparency in their businesses.

Because communication tools in the workplace channels have been around for years, they’ve had plenty of opportunities to mature and evolve in response to real user needs. You’ll find similar communication features such as these across intranet systems in most companies.

When it comes to setting up forums, blogs, or a knowledge base on your enterprise communication software, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel; however, using a modern communication tools platform ensures that you get an exemplary user experience that employees enjoy, as well as a general refinement that you might not be able to achieve if you build one from scratch.

To begin, consider the following three common difficulties that businesses encounter and how an intranet might help them overcome them.

  • Improving top-down communication.

Your organization has difficulty informing the appropriate teams about major company announcements such as new products, resources, policies, and so on. You submit information on your company portal, but it appears that no one reads it. If this is one of your main concerns, there are a few things you can do right now to make an immediate difference.

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Set up analytics to keep track of user interaction.

Due to financial considerations, intranet communication tools analytics are frequently disregarded. However, if you can set up basic page analytics such as views, you may close any gaps that are preventing your announcements from reaching their intended audience.

Make it possible for people to ask inquiries.

Comments are where some of the most useful information is shared, especially when members of other teams join in and answer different topics. Providing direct messaging or chat within your intranet, in addition to allowing comments, makes it easier for users to find and communicate with peers they haven’t met in person.

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  • Promotes cross-departmental cooperation.

Your teams don’t seem to communicate with one another, which makes it difficult to coordinate initiatives. In addition, because of fragmented decision-making, you end up with inconsistencies in marketing, product vision, and customer support. 

Although improving interdepartmental communication usually necessitates a shift in company culture, there are various ways to make the process easier using your intranet.

Encourage your team to write blogs.

It’s fairly uncommon for communication gaps between departments to be caused by a lack of knowledge about who to contact. When one member of the team makes regular updates, other members of the team know who to contact if they have a question.

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  •  More staff feedback is needed.

Employees want to provide more real-time input to management on how the company can improve. Some criticism is received, but it comes from a small group of people or isn’t explicit enough. Making space for criticism can be difficult, but setting up the correct channels can help employees feel more empowered in their jobs.

Conduct a survey of your employees’ opinions.

You may use a variety of tools to swiftly create forms and distribute them to employees. This might be done as a single campaign with a deadline, or you could build feedback templates that employees may use anytime they have something to submit.

Within the typical workflow, make room for feedback.

Forms and surveys have the disadvantage of focusing on what management wants to know rather than what employees want to communicate. You may capture real-time feedback while employees think about it by linking the feedback process with various tasks.

These are the benefits of having communication tools in the workplace. 

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