Know All About Third-party Car Insurance Claim Settlement Process

You must follow a certain procedure while filing a third-party claim to make sure your claim is not rejected. Go through the instructions mentioned in the policy document carefully before initiating the claim process. This would help in fast settlement by the insurer as well. You can also raise a claim online; just keep the related documents handy in case you need to upload them on the insurer’s website.

You buy a third-party insurance policy for your car as security against financial losses in case of uncertain incidents on-road and otherwise. In the face of losses due to a mishap, you can raise a claim and get compensated by your insurer. Before filing a claim, go through the exclusions and terms and conditions mentioned on the policy document for a hassle-free claim settlement process. You can raise an online car insurance claim unless the insurer requires you to visit the office in person.

Steps to raise claim when a third-party is affected:

  • Inform your third-party car insurance provider about the accident at the earliest.
  • You can call up the helpline number, send an e-mail or log on to the claims app if it is available.
  • Usually, the insurer has to be informed about the incident within 48 hours.
  • In case of a severe accident, or injury or both, the insurer may send a surveyor to the accident spot.
  • You have to inform the nearby police station about the accident.
  • File an FIR (First Information Report) at the nearest police station. Check whether the accident spot is under its jurisdiction.
  • The details you must provide include the description of the accident, location, vehicle number, contact details of the third party, witnesses etc.
  • Click pictures and videos of the damaged vehicle and injured third party and the accident spot.
  • Look for witnesses, if possible, and take down their personal details.
  • Once the third-party demands compensation, raise a claim with all required documents and proof with your insurer.
  • Keep copies of all the conversations or emails with the third party to avoid any discrepancy in future.
  • If there is any legal case filed by a third party against you, the insurer would handle it on your behalf.
  • However, you have to attend the court proceedings and share your experience during the accident, submit the required documents and details.
  • Share the court’s order with the insurer and details of the compensation demanded to cover the expenses related to physical injuries and/or property damage.
  • The insurer would assess the damage and approve the claim. Once the compensation amount has been confirmed, your insurer will pay the claim amount to the third party.
  • If the claim amount paid by your insurer is less than the compensation demanded by the third party, you will have to pay the balance amount.
  • For a third-party claim, your No Claim Bonuses would remain intact. They are not affected.

The documents that you need to submit as per requirement are:

  • FIR or copy of police complaint
  • Car registration certificate
  • Copy of the licence
  • Original invoices
  • Other documents as required by the insurer, tribunal and police station

Submit the claim form online or deposit the hard copies at the branch office as required by the insurer. The insurer would update you regarding the claim status or you can track it online. For claim settlement, you have to renew car insurance on time. You will not get any settlement for expired policies. If the repair cost exceeds your coverage amount, you may have to pay the balance amount based on the extent of coverage of your car insurance policy.

Know All About Third-party Car Insurance Claim Settlement

There are several documents that you have to submit and they are common for both processes. For filing an online claim, you have to upload scanned copies of all the documents. For the offline claims process, submit the hard copies to the insurer’s office. The documents include:

  • Photograph or video of damage to the car
  • Your car insurance policy
  • Driving licence
  • Car Registration Certificate
  • FIR copy
  • Identity proof
  • Aadhaar /passport
  • Pan card
  • Filled-up claim form
  • Copies of medical reports for injuries and hospitalisation

If you meet with an accident involving a third party while driving, inform your insurer immediately and raise a claim. The details would be mentioned in the policy document. Nowadays, you can also file your claim online by uploading soft copies of the documents and filling out the claims form on the website. The process of online claim filing would be easy if you know how to buy car insurance online.