Marvel at New York Botanical Garden Glow

Every year, New Yorkers and tourists alike can experience an outstanding light display at the New York Botanical Garden Glow, a mile-and-a-half stretch of artistically arranged LED displays. The Botanical Garden Glow also includes a fabulous dance performance and a slew of other amenities and festivities! 

Blast to the Past at the American Museum of Natural History

Although time machines don’t exist, the American Museum of Natural history offers the closest possible experience to time travel—you can blast back to the Neolithic Age, or even to the age of the dinosaurs! If you’re more interested in ocean life, there are even exhibits centered around underwater creatures both ancient and more contemporary. It’s a rare pleasure not only to learn about the intricacies of our world’s history, but to question the very nature of existence!

Best of all is that the Museum of Natural History is socially flexible, meaning you can go alone, with friends, or even with a significant other.

Explore Governor’s Island

In 1755, Governor’s Island was an important military outpost, but now, it’s a flourishing tourist attraction with views from the skyline of Manhattan to the Statue of Liberty. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the most scenic locations in New York!

In addition to views, Governor’s Island also hosts concerts and a slew of other enticing activities. There are even trails for cycling and running! It just might be the perfect place to explore if you’re a major park enthusiast.

Take Care of Your Aesthetic Needs

New York is home to some of our most beloved celebrities, so it’s no surprise that it is home to just as many celebrity plastic surgeons. Manhattan is accordingly one of the hottest spots for plastic surgery in the country, so if you’ve ever considered going under the knife, you might as well schedule a consultation with a surgeon! Keep in mind, too, that many people actually turn their surgical visit into a mini-vacation in the Big Apple—kill two birds with one stone!

Watch a Performance by the Open Culture Program

The Open Culture Program is an initiative that allows cultural organizations to host performances and events all over New York. If you keep up to date with this program, you will be able to witness worldwide arts in action, and thankfully, the program has adopted proper social distancing guidelines, so you can enjoy its offerings without fear of getting sick. 

The Open Culture Program provides the perfect chance to engage with unfamiliar cultures, and some of its activities—whether they be classes or collaborative workshops—offer a more hands-on experience. Aside from being a fantastic educational resource, the Open Culture Program is also a fun, easy way to explore your senses of empathy and creativity!

Treat Yourself at Great Jones Distilling Co.

Great Jones Distilling Co. isn’t your typical distilling company; they’ve changed the game by combining dining, tastings, and the atmosphere of an underground speakeasy. The building in which it is located an 80-year-old, 40 story skyscraper, and is the site of the first whiskey distillery in Manhattan since the Prohibition!

Great Jones Distilling Co. offers a unique tasting experience that is paired with scrumptious entrees to satisfy your most persistent cravings; you’ll be able to eat, drink, and learn about whiskey production, and if you’re lucky, you might realize that the distilling process is an artform!

Buy Magic Items at the World’s Largest Harry Potter Store

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you would be remiss if you didn’t check out the largest Potter store in the world. The location is a painstakingly rendered recreation of the Ministry of Magic that includes life-size replicas of some of your favorite characters and a plethora of gift shop choices.

Even if you decide not to buy anything, Harry Potter New York is a magical visit that is perfect for pictures—but it’s worth noting that this is the best place on the planet to purchase any of the classic Harry Potter props you’ve always desired!