Things to Make Your Home More Sustainable

If you’re considering some home improvements, you may want to look for ways to make your home more energy-efficient, as this will not only have a positive impact on the environment but can add significant value to your property.

Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to make some changes, or a landlord looking to spruce up your investments, there are a whole host of sustainable things you can create, install or invest in to make a home more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

We’ve included a few things below for you to consider if you’re thinking about investing in real estate or wanting to live a more sustainable life, starting with making changes to your home.

Renewable energy sources

Depending on how much you have in your home renovations budget, you could look to install solar panels on the property. This is more of a long-term investment for those wanting to become eco-friendly as the initial cost is quite substantial, but the rewards are hugely beneficial and could save you a significant amount of money in the long run. And do not forget that solar panels need bird prevention and bird protection to avoid damage. Bird proofing solar panels is the right tool for bird protection. In this way, you are sure enough that your solar panels are well-protected.

Solar panels work during the day to generate electricity from the sun, which can then be used throughout the property, minimising your dependency on fossil fuels. By using renewable energy sources to power your home, you’ll save a fortune on bills in the future. Homeowners have reported saving up to $100 a month after installing solar panels which is why green buildings like those created by Element Developments are a popular choice among tenants and future investors. 

Install smart technology

We’re all guilty of leaving the heating or air conditioning on when it’s not needed. Home boilers and heating or cooling systems are some of the biggest ways we consume energy as homeowners, landlords or tenants. The best way to avoid spending unnecessary amounts of money on wasted energy is to install a smart meter to programme exactly when you want your heating or air conditioning to turn on and off. Wasted energy is detrimental to the environment, so smart technology is a blessing for those who wish to reduce their carbon footprint.

In any case, combi boilers are among the options you might want to take a look at. Make sure you include them in your research process. When doing research, it’s also important to compare boiler prices and choose the boiler that fits perfectly with your needs and your budget.

Most modern apartments or residential homes now come with smart meters already installed to meet tenant or buyers’ demands about leading a more sustainable life, as well as monitoring their energy usage. Property investment company RWinvest has a range of properties with eco-friendly technology such as eco-lighting and heating systems if you want some ideas.

Upcycle or buy recycled furniture

If you want to create your own sustainable things, why not try upcycling some furniture? Steer away from large retailers who mass produce and opt for some recycled pieces instead. Items made from recycled wood or repurposed metals are a great way to become more eco-friendly and make for some fun projects too! Upcycling furniture that you already have will prevent it from becoming dumped at a landfill but will also provide you with a unique piece that others will likely want in their home too.

Go green when cleaning

Finally, when it comes to cleaning, there is a lot we can do to help the environment. Switching our favourite cleaning products and detergents for homemade concoctions will stop harmful chemicals from getting washed down the drain and entering our water supply. Try lemon juice and white vinegar to clean surfaces and bicarbonate of soda for tougher dirt stains. You could even invest in steam cleaners to disinfect properties which is another ideal way to eliminate the use of bleaches and toxic liquids as all you need is water!

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