Things To Look For When Hiring Professional Piano Movers

Often, when we admit that we cannot move our piano on our own, we look for professional movers online. 

The search engine will show valuable results, that is for sure. But if you do not know what to look for, you may not end up hiring credible and efficient piano movers. 

In this blog, in hopes of helping you hire the best mover, we will discuss the things you must look for when hiring professional piano movers. 


Aside from Google, a good place to start finding reliable piano movers is your co-piano owners. Ask them, whether they are your neighbor, family, or social media groupmate, about professional piano moving companies. 

Ask about the piano that they moved, the company, the cost, and the overall moving process. 

Customer Ratings 

Now that you have a list of piano moving companies look for them online. Most likely, they have a website or a social media account. From there, check the customer ratings. 

Utilize these reviews and ratings when deciding what company is reliable enough for you to hire. 

License, Warranty, Insurance 

Piano movers, like Piano Movers Charleston, ought to be certified or authorized. To ensure safe moving, look for certified movers.

It’s also a good idea to inquire about the company’s safety regulations and whether there is a formal plan in place for what should happen if an employee is hurt on the job.

What would happen, furthermore, if your piano were damaged in transit? Will you be responsible for the damages, or will the business take care of them?

Companies that move pianos provide insurance. Before signing a contract with a specific business, verify the insurance coverage. Some businesses offer insurance coverage for damaged pedals or keys.

Services Offered 

The type of piano being moved, its length or height, its design, the delivery locations, and the moving date you desire must all be specified in great detail.

Doing so will allow you to verify whether they offer services for and during the conditions mentioned above. 

 If there are any stairs, landings, turns, or other obstacles that could prevent the movers from transporting your piano, you should also let them know. 

The services they offer may or may not be limited. Hence, it is essential that you discuss these things with them and see if the service you need is offered. 


Before making a choice, find out how much the piano moving will cost you for the specific service you intend to use. When moving your piano, you should hire experts and stick to your budget.

The height and design of the piano may affect how much it costs to move. Cast iron, metal wires, and solid wood are some of the heavy-duty materials used to make these instruments. 

Additional team members are required, specialized equipment must be used, and additional fuel costs must be considered when identifying the total cost. 

Delicate instruments, like your piano, are susceptible to damage from any movement; at the very least, they might need to be tuned. Pianos can be quite long and wide and top-heavy, depending on the design.


After finding out how complicated it is to move a piano, you may check for the benefits of hiring piano movers online to help convince yourself. 

Pianos are delicate and heavy, and some are even big. If you are planning to move and relocate the piano up or down the staircase, weigh the pros and cons of doing it on your own. 

All in all, a piano is a precious investment, and as the owner, you know what is best for your piano.