Things To Know Before Buying Wood Heaters

Heaters are a necessity in every household of Australia. There are different types of heaters, from small wood heaters to large ones. A wood heater is a preference for many households, but most of them don’t know about the things to consider while buying them.

In this article, let us discuss some things that should not be overlooked while buying a wood heater of any type.

Things to know before buying a wood heater

  • Wood heaters are of different types according to the size of the rooms that need to be heated. That should be the first criteria while buying a heater. It is crucial as large heaters for a small room and small for large rooms can go wrong. 
  • Another thing to be considered while buying a heater is the number of storeys in the house. Owners should install the heater based on the number of storeys. The hot air always rises in a heater. Therefore, it is advisable to install the heater on the bottom level so that the heated air moves around the house rather than moving up. People with double storey houses should be extra cautious while installing a heater. They should take note of what is above and use good penetration kits for floors or walls. 
  • The ceiling height is another thing to consider before installing a heater. Different types of heaters are available for different ceilings. The cathedral or standard ceiling use different types of heater such as the radiant or the convection.
  • Owners should also analyse the type of flooring used before settling on a particular type of heater. Different types of flooring can work in different ways. For instance, carpet flooring will distribute the heat equally, whereas floorboards, cement or tiled ones will absorb it. Such floors would need larger heaters than a small wood heater
  • The source of power points that are nearby is other things that need to be looked into. The convention style wood heaters come with fans in them, giving control over the amount of air that needs to be circulated. 
  • The place of installation of the heater is also a very crucial thing. They are commonly installed into a parallel wall. It can be a corner or even a built-in wall, probably, the brick fireplace, which has the chimney. The heaters’ installation also determines the type of fuel kit and hearth that are required along with it. 

Which is the right heater for your house

There are a lot of factors that contribute to choosing a particular type of heater. They are 

  1. The building layout
  2. Size of the building
  3. Number of rooms that need to be heaters
  4. The choice between design and efficiency

Types of Heater

There are different types of heaters according to these requirements of the person. They include

  • Zero clearance Heater- they work well in a house that needs insert heaters but does not have an existing fireplace. It doesn’t need any structural changes either. 
  • Insert heater- they are great and work well in converting an existing fireplace into a more effective heat source. The heat is transferred into the rooms rather than being absorbed into the walls.


The user should also be aware of certain crucial parts of the heater, such as the fan and the firebox. They are pivotal elements that need to be taken care of for the heater to work efficiently. While installing them, it is good to seek the help of a professional installer to avoid complications. 

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