Things to Do in Szczecin – What Can You Visit in Szczecin

The city of Szczecin is one that brims with history and modernity. The Oder River runs through it, making this town an important location in Western Pomerania as well as Poland at large! With over 400 thousand inhabitants now living here – numbers which are growing daily – is one of the biggest cities in Poland. Let’s discuss the Things to Do in Szczecin.

We must say that Szczecin is the capital of Western Pomerania. What can you visit in this city? We talk about things to do in Szczecin! Are you interested?

What can you visit in Szczecin? 

As we said – Szczecin is a very important city, but – to be honest – not that popular as it could be. What things you can do and what places can you visit

Things to Do in Szczecin
Things to Do in Szczecin

Pomeranian Duces’ Castle

The Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle is one of the most important attractions in Szczecin. Not surprisingly, given its rich history as a seat for nearly 500 years and home to many influential people over time. It’s considered an architectural marvel. The courtyards can be visited for free, but the interiors are only accessible if you have a ticket. Apart from permanent exhibitions and other cultural events like concerts, there is always something going on here!

Bulwary Nadodrzańskie (Nadodrze Boulevards)

There are many things to do in Szczecin, but you will find that the Boulevards of Nadodrze have an exceptional place. Along these boulevards, there is space for people who enjoy walking or cycling as well as boating enthusiasts, since they provide access to both sides with scenic views along the riverside.

Jezioro Szmaragdowe (Emerald Lake)

For every nature freak, there is a beautiful, original, and breathtaking place. Emerald Lake in Szczecin is one of the most popular places to take a walk. This artificial lake is located outside the city center. There are multiple viewing trails that circle around it, so you can see different aspects and views from any angle! From time to time, there are mobile cafés at this spot for visitors who come by on walks or just want something with caffeine while sightseeing.

Wały Chrobrego

The half-kilometer-long terrace called Wały Chrobrego is one of the most popular landmarks in Szczecin. Nearby you can see National Museum and Pomeranian Dukes’ Castle which create an unforgettable panorama for visitors. Wały Chrobrego are the must-see place in Szczecin. We can say that this is one of the places which is a showcase of this city. 

Szczecin maybe isn’t that popular, but it can be really interesting, so if you visit Poland, especially Pomerania, you must see this place!

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