These are the advantages of time recording

As an employer, you have to consider a number of factors with which you can also optimize your own processes in terms of personnel. An important aspect of this is time recording, which can be done in various ways. But what are the basic advantages of time recording and what options are available? 

Time recording with the timesheet

Time and attendance are an important part of human resources policy. A good way to record time is the timesheet, but it is also the oldest way. Here, the company provides its employees with an individual form, which is then filled in by the employees themselves with their working hours. 

At regular intervals, the completed slips are then handed over to the employer for evaluation. The advantages are obvious because this method is very cost-effective and easy to handle. In addition, the company does not need any further software, which is always prone to errors.

Disadvantages arise from the fact that the method is no longer really up to date because it requires a lot of time. The process can generally be made more efficient and, in addition, the variant is not particularly sustainable. At the same time, it also offers employees opportunities to fudge their hours a bit without it necessarily being noticeable. 

Hardware as a solution? 

A permanently installed terminal is the common model in many companies. The hardware is connected to software, which then uses transponders to record the respective times of employees who hold their cards in front of the device. This method is much less prone to errors and the time and costs involved are also manageable.

In addition, the individual working times of the employees can be viewed quickly and easily. It becomes problematic with employees who work in a home office or in the field, for example, who cannot clock in and out on site. 

Web-based solutions

Web-based solutions can be used either in combination with permanently installed hardware or on their own. Here, employees can easily record their times via PC. This way, employees in the field or in the home office are also integrated, because this method is also very well suited for mobile time recording.

Good software not only regulates the time recording process but also takes care of holiday planning, absences, and other issues such as a personal calendar for appointments. A disadvantage can be seen in the fact that every employee must have a PC or a company mobile phone, otherwise, it is difficult for them to log in and record their time. The cost factor is also not to be neglected here and the susceptibility to malfunctions cannot be disregarded either. 

Advantages for the employer

Basically, it can be said that the employer can draw many advantages from time recording. Payroll accounting is much easier, accurate time recording enables better planning of labor capacities and transparency is increased. In the end, you can see exactly who works how long and who plans their holidays and how. A certain commitment comes into play that is not present without time recording. As a disadvantage, it can be mentioned that employees may feel controlled and that productivity suffers somewhat.

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