There Are Many Types of Spanish Property for Sale

Find out what types of property Spain searches on the Costa del Sol and the Costa Blanca.

Spain is a beautiful country with a rich history and culture. From the stunning architecture to the delicious food there. These factors contributed to making Spain one of the most visited countries in the world.

During the past four decades, the Spanish tourism industry has grown to become the second-largest tourism sector in the world. It is a tourist destination for many nationalities due to its sunny weather, beautiful beaches, countryside, historic cities, islands, and towns, and delicious food. These factors contribute to making tourism a major industry in Spain. In addition, these items helped the Spanish property market has boomed in recent years and Spain property has become a popular choice with foreign buyers, especially from the United Kingdom and Spain search for a location such as Costa del sol with the healthiest climate, and people who love year-round sunshine -even in the European winter – blue skies, wonderful sea views, and one of the lowest price of living in Europe.

So, did you know that Spain is also a great location where you can find a lot of properties for sale?

You can find property for sale in all price ranges and locations through the resources of a property portal. Whether you search for a second home with a pool, an investment real estate, or locations to retire on islands, you’ll be able to find the Spanish properties you’re looking for and buy property.

This article will cover some of the most important information to know when you search for Spanish property for sale, purchase, and rent. We hope this helps you purchase your dream property in Spain!

Are you looking for or owning property in Spain and it’s time for sale? keep reading.

Whether you search for a new life with a site that is situated with a sea view or an island or mountains, there are new developments and many reasons why you should consider selling or buying property in Spain including the location of sea view, pool, beach, popular sport as

golf, water sports and a lot of resources can help you to find properties for sale as a property portal.

To find your dream property in Spain, you must first learn about the property type.

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The types of Spanish property for sale are as follows


Apartment blocks are very common in the major cities in Spain, if you are considering buying real estate in Spain, there are a few things you need to know. As the property differs in quality and size, from a tiny studio to a 2-story duplex (maisonette), or luxury penthouse.

You will find what you search for sale along the coast of Spain, such as the Costa Blanca, near resort sites, or an apartment with a public garden and a private pool with more filters. Apartments with new developments are usually popular for sale in Spain and are becoming more popular in golf development as well.

Among the advantages of this property are that they have good security and less maintenance of the real estate, and there are common spaces and services that you can use. As for the negatives of apartments, the noise of your neighbors and the common spaces getting crowded during the holidays.


It is difficult to find a villa or chalet in many large towns and cities because it is uncommon for people in Spain to live in this type of property. However, villas are more common on the Spanish coast as the Spanish use villa as second homes for weekend getaways and summer holidays. Two types of this property have a garden and a private pool, and the second villa property type that is part of a residential complex has a communal pool, garden, and other common facilities. One of the most important advantages of the villa is that they are more spacious and suitable for families and quieter because they are generally located outside urban areas.


It is equivalent to terraced or semi-detached Spanish property. You will normally find townhouses for buying on the outskirts of towns. One of the townhouse’s property main advantages is an affordable option compared to buying a villa. Also often has a communal pool, garden, and golf courses especially if they are on the Costa del Sol. The disadvantages of this property are the lack of privacy compared to other types of properties.

Residential complexes

These are residential projects that can consist of many property types such as apartments, houses, and villas including a bedroom villa with a bathroom, and some of it has an infinity pool and a place for golf courses. It’s popular for sale in Spain and forms an essential part of

Spanish seaside resorts’ popular areas while being a great choice for foreigners wishing to live in a location that has a mix of people and groups living in apartment blocks, a single property, or villas. One of the downsides is that it can be expensive.

Farmhouses or rural properties

Whether this Spanish property is small village houses or large country houses, or properties with land, farmhouses property can be very spacious and are generally cheaper than the seaside resorts in Spain. One of the most important features of the rural property type is that you will get a real experience of The Spanish countryside idyllic setting. In addition, it’s popular for sale in Spain you will live a calm and simple lifestyle away from the noise and crowding of the city.

Cave houses

These traditional stone buildings are not always damp, dark, chaotic, and stuffy areas, as the name of the cave suggests. Some cave real estate may contain a bedroom villa with a bathroom and the cave property types are considered spacious homes. We can find it in a village in the south of Spain or near the famous Costas. One of the advantages of cave real estate is that they are built of stone, and therefore it is easy to warm them in the winter and cave real estate are cooler in summer. One of the downsides of this property is that it is usually far from urban centers and the beach and therefore may feel isolated, in addition to the lack of natural light.

The Commercial buildings

The Commercial building is a type of property for sale in Spain that is right for you if you search for a site to move to Spain to buy the property and start your own business. Commercial buildings in Spain are usually located in a popular spot on the ground floor of apartment complexes in Spain and the commercial building is intended for use in businesses, shops, restaurants, etc. One of the advantages of a commercial building is the possibility of good earnings.

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Quad house

In simple terms, a Quad house is a house connected lateral or perpendicular to two other properties, each property has a private entrance through the front or side garden with a ground floor or more. When facing any of the four sides of the property, a Quad house appears to be a semi-detached house. It is a type of property that is becoming increasingly popular for sale in Spain. You can buy this property because it is considered one of the spacious houses, consisting of a private garden, but does not have high privacy.

Here you can find the most popular destinations to find properties for sale in Spain

Costa del Sol (Malaga)

Malaga is a city situated on the coast, and it’s located in the south of Spain now it has it all: culture, history, architecture, shopping, dining, nightlife, and wonderful sea views. Indeed,

this is a place where you can shop, dine, visit museums, and lay on the beach all on the same day. Costa del sol is the best place you can find many types of property for sale in Spain.

Costa Blanca (Alicante)

The north of Costa Blanca – the ‘white coast’ due to its sandy beaches – stretches from the city of Alicante up to Denia. It’s known for its sea and gorgeous beaches, fantastic food and drink, and year-round sunshine. Who even considers it one of the healthiest places to live in the world. Costa Blanca is just about the most popular Spanish coast for international property buyers. Many think the good-value homes are gone, but bargains are still out there if you still search for locations for sale in Spain.

Valencia region

Among the reasons why tourists choose to live in Valencia are its climate, natural landscapes, the gastronomy it offers, and its wonderful sights. In addition to being the third-largest Spanish city in terms of the number of inhabitants, Valencia has been considered together with Madrid as the two most interesting places to invest in the properties market. In recent years, the homes that property in Valencia can offer have had a price drop by up to 40 percent. Therefore, this is an ideal time to purchase a property to live in in the Valencian capital.

Is now the right time to sell in Spain?

All kinds of markets, including the properties market worldwide, were affected by the global health crisis, Covid-19. However, the properties market in Spain has maintained its stability despite the epidemic and has even increased in some areas, such as Madrid, Valencia, and some islands in Spain. Property prices have also grown in some of the villages, coastal areas, and islands in the south of Spain, as well as in smaller towns. This can potentially be attributed to more Spanish people looking to move out of city centers to the countryside, due to the pandemic. And therefore demand for apartments is down, while rustic farmhouses and villas are more popular searches.

After reading this article, you now have a better idea of what selling a property in Spain involves.

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