The vogue of stack rings

The magical popularity of stack rings happened just a couple of seasons ago. The most fashionable Instagram accounts began to be evenly filled with elegant rings with tiny gems.

The strength of their allure consists in their daily functionality, they are light and look non-committal. It is not difficult to create a personal jewelry wardrobe based on such rings. You can wear them, depending on the number on your fingers, in the morning, afternoon and evening. Rings don’t cost too much, and affordable luxury is the strongest trend right now.

These rings have even penetrated into the territory of engagement jewelry.

Given the high interest of recent years in all kinds of creativity and fashion, “stacks” are becoming an indispensable “jewelry constructor”, with which you can perfectly express yourself.

Jewellery polyphony

Modern jewelry can be worn in a variety of combinations. Colors, shapes, models, and cuts are perfectly combined with each other. Try alternating rings, engagement rings, and solitaire rings. White, rose and yellow gold rings look pretty good together.

Fashion jewelry is combined not only with classic and glamorous outfits but also with casual fairly loose clothing. If you are planning to go on vacation to one of the hot countries, be sure that the elegant stacking rings will look perfect with a light, airy tunic or beach dress. Also, they are in perfect harmony with other jewelry – earrings or bracelets.

Stacking rings often adorn the hands of famous singers and actresses. If you want to move with the times in the world of fashion then hurry up to find this prestigious designer masterpiece that will decorate and complement any of your outfits.

There is never too much jewellery

The popularity of stack rings is partly due to the fact that in this way you can beat rings you already have in a new way, combining them in different ways with new acquisition jewelry. Erstwhile ideas that it is worth limiting yourself to one precious metal already passed away, and now wearing any number of compound rings is not considered “bad taste”.

When you choose a spectacular multi-piece ring, pay attention to gems and fancy colored diamonds – they can be a great alternative to traditional cocktail rings with one large stone.

The ideal stack ring will be able to find both lovers of fine fine jewelry and fans of brutal products. The main “trick” of this trend is layering, so wear the maximum number of rings, because there is never too much jewelry!

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You have a versatile personality

Rings are worn as a decoration, a talisman, a symbol of marital status, social status. For their owner, they can mean anything – for example, to remind them of a pleasant trip or to demonstrate to others that they belong to a particular community.

All kinds of your rings carry different meanings. They are as versatile as your personality. Buying stacking rings and don’t lose any one of your own unique facets of personality.