The Top 10 Excel Features

Microsoft Excel is a very important part of most organizations all over the world. It helps organizations in dealing with the proper storage of data more precisely as it helps in data storage in a table or statistical format. there are many features of Microsoft Excel that are actually used in many Microsoft Excel Online Training programs for professionals to learn and executed to have a better user experience with Microsoft Excel.

Conditional Formatting

One of the essential features of Microsoft Excel is the conditional function. This picture is actually used very well by most of the professionals who are using Microsoft Excel enter the day to day life. Conditional formatting usually helps in bringing out several patterns which are then recorded in the spreadsheets of Microsoft Excel. this feature of Microsoft Excel is actually preferred as the number one feature of most of the Excel experts in the world as this is very beneficial and it helps in proper storage of data in a statistical manner. Learning conditional using is a very important part of each and every Microsoft business email, and it usually takes 180 minutes of three hours for a professional tool on the usage of conditional functioning.

Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are actually very common, yet a very beneficial feature of Microsoft Excel pivot tables are actually used to sort, count, and total, in short, analyze the entire data and present the result in a separate table or column. It also provides professionals the ability to cut anywhere they desire to. Usage of pivot tables usually takes 4 hours, and it is a very important part of many Microsoft Excel training programs.

Paste Special

The paste special is a feature of Microsoft Excel, which usually grabbing or copying a particular data. The reason why this feature is called a paste special is because it allows professionals to copy data from any particular cell and then paste it to any different cell. This copy feature of Microsoft Excel does not change anything to the original data, and the analysis of data remains the same. Learning the usage of paste special usually takes only 10 minutes, but it has a great utility when it comes to proper usage in the spreadsheet.

Adding multiple rows

One of the easiest yet very beneficial features of Microsoft Excel that is used by most professionals all around the world is adding multiple rows. Adding multiple rows indicates adding more rows or columns to the side of particular data to ensure that a large amount of data can be stored. Learning this feature usually takes only 10 minutes, and it is not all difficult, but it is very vital.

Absolute references

An absolute reference is a very important feature of Microsoft Excel as it helps in combining several symbols using the F4 tool. Usage of symbols is very important in Microsoft Excel, and it is only possible because of this feature of Microsoft Excel.

Print Optimization

One of the key features of Microsoft Excel that is used by most professionals all around The World Is print optimization. This is a common problem faced by most professionals when it comes to printing pages from Microsoft Excel. this feature allows a professional to select the right amount of rows and columns which they want to print without limiting the entire spreadsheet.

Extend Formula

Extend the formula tool in Microsoft Excel usually deals with easy scalability. Usage formulas in Microsoft Excel are actually made much more convenient with this particular feature of the spreadsheet. It takes 5 minutes for a professional to learn this usage, but it actually has great functionality. 

Flash Fill

The flash fill feature of Microsoft Excel usually deals with different columns and rows with the same amount of data or a sequence of data following the first column.

Index match

One of the essential tools which are actually appreciated by most Microsoft Excel experts is the index match. Index match usually deals with proper combinations of several Excel functions. Multiple functions in Microsoft Excel and a proper powerful combination of Microsoft Excel is actually the index match. It is easy to learn, but the utility of this particular feature is very high.


The last and most important feature of Microsoft Excel filters. Filters actually help in the proper exploration of data and tables more quickly, allowing professionals to find a particular piece of data more easily on the spreadsheet. These are the 10 most appreciated features of Microsoft Excel, which is actually loved by most of the Microsoft experts.

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