The Path To Self-Acceptance: How To Start Accepting Yourself More?


We the humans are not perfect in any way. We are full of many flaws that need correction and development over the course of our lives. And all of us do have many things about ourselves that we do not like. But that is perfectly natural and the correct response to this should be 2 except our flaws and work towards them rather than hate ourselves for that. Humans have a very greedy nature. We are never happy with the current circumstances.

We are always looking forward to more and more. Instead of appreciating our own journeys by mapping out what we were and what we have become, we are in this very toxic race to get better and better not for ourselves but for the world. Our internal happiness is not valued by us as much as we value our projection amongst other human beings who are as flawed as we are.

Change your attitude

There are some people who are inherently negative and they can never find Silver Linings in any of the things. These are very critical pessimistic people who create bad order not only amongst themselves but for people around them.

This is why people like these do not have many friends and are usually very lonely in their lives.

However, the best way to correct this problem is to make sure that first of all you accept yourself in every possible way. You understand and accept your physical limitations and appreciate yourself for whatever small yet impactful achievements you have made in the physical domain. Likewise, except your mental state and limitations. Appreciate all of the achievements that you have made through your brain power and mental capacity.

Do you also know that people who are constantly fixated on their weaknesses and problems, instead of solving those weaknesses and problems are inherently creating more problems? This leads them to be trapped in a vicious cycle where the pile of problems for them are going up and they’re continuing to hate themselves.

Therefore, it is highly suggested that if you find any of the above problems within you or any kind of symptoms, alarm bells should start going off in your brain and you should trigger some reactions within yourself.

The best reaction that you can trigger is by changing your attitude towards yourself and by the perspective through which you see yourself. Many psychologists and researchers have observed that people who have accepted the way they are have not only achieved more in life, but they also have achieved Peace of Mind something that is very rare in today’s world.

Start this exercise

When we say change your attitude, many people find themselves to be confused since they do not know where they need to start in order to change their attitude.

Underneath, you will find a reinforcement exercise that will help you charter the path of changing your attitude and becoming a better version of yourself.

The first step of this Aerobic Exercise is to identify three best physical strengths within yourself. This can include factors such as your good soccer playing skills, your great physical body, or your beautiful and handsome face. This step is extremely important because this will give you the much needed confidence that is not present as of yet within yourself.

The second step of this reinforcement exercises off identifying the last compliment that you received about yourself and that made you feel great about yourself. This step will provide you an insight that people inherently believe that you are a good person and you have viewed positively amongst the population. So any jitters that you might have regarding yourself when you are in public will be minimised and you will be able to not only self project yourself in a very good way but you will also be able to accomplish more things regarding public dealings as before.

The last step of these small reinforcement exercises do identify one weakness within yourself or area of development on which you have worked in the past one year and have achieved any sort of progress on that.

Strive for progress not for perfection

In today’s capitalistic world everyone is running a race that is nothing but a toxic rat race. There is no end to this race and there’s no peace attached to this race.

Everyone is telling you that you need to achieve perfection and you need to be better than other people.

And due to this you are going to compromise your Trend Health and happiness. So instead of implementing this wrong idea of perfection and human growth, lead your own path and run your own race. Do not compare yourself to another human being because nature and God have created each human being different qualities and different areas of development. Life is nothing but struggle. It is a constant struggle. The day struggle ceases to exist, the purpose within the humankind to live will also seize. Therefore, cherish these daily struggles in your life and cherish the areas of development within yourself because these are the things that are keeping you alive and on your toes.

Therefore, all lunar people suggest that instead of achieving perfection, achieve the ability to progress yourself And map this progress overtime so that you can also have a visual and graphical representation of how far you have come since you started. Because The thing is people who pretend consistent effort little by little overtime we’re able to achieve more than people who have just one time burst of energy and then the receipt from the playground.

You are your best friend

Many times we are looking towards other people that they can comfort us, but that is absolutely untrue. The only entity in this entire universe that can listen to you properly, provide words of wisdom to you according to your situation, and provide the much needed comfort is you. Never underestimate yourself and the importance that you have in this world.

In order to become your best friend, the best thing that you can do for yourself is work on just one attainable goal at one point in time. Many people think that they are good at multitasking. They are lying with themselves because they are not. The human brain and the human psyche is not built for multitasking, therefore, you should always focus your energies toward one goal and until and unless you haven’t achieved that you should not move on to the next goal.

Road to self-acceptance

There is a very easy formula that one can implement to have self-acceptance and this would be explained in detail in the following headings.

Learn to appreciate your strengths, focus on your strengths and work on your areas of development.

Each human being is given a gift by their nature and no one has the ability to take away that gift from you. So learn to appreciate that gift and make wonders by this unique quality that is progressing within yourself.

Trust the process

Many times we give up on our goal because we are not able to achieve that goal in the time that we had specified for ourselves.

If you are not able to achieve your goal in the time that you have specified for yourself, don’t be too hard on yourself. If the first year was not enough, continue working on this goal into the second year and even if you are unable to achieve it in the second year, take it to the third year and so and so forth. A time will Come when you will see your goal being realised and there will be no other feeling of happiness that can match what you will be feeling at that moment.

Believe in yourself

If you do not possess the positive energies and the confidence to achieve what you have set out to achieve, you will never achieve your desired destination. Therefore, have complete faith in yourself and know that you are built for greater Heights.

Appreciate how far you have come

For instance, if you had set a goal for yourself not by the end of the week you will be able to run 10 kilometres in half an hour, but in reality by the end of the week you can only run 5 kilometres in half an hour.

On the face of the goal, this might seem like a huge set back but in reality it is not. At the start of the week you were not able to run one kilometres without stopping to catch your breath. Now over this period of sustained and little effort by yourself, you have increased your stamina from zero to Five. This is nothing but a great achievement that should not be the cause of disappointment within yourself come on but should be acting as a point of motivation for you. It should allow you the confidence that if you can achieve 5 kilometres of stamina in one week, you can achieve your original target of 10 kilometres in one week.


Don’t be too Hard on yourself. Life is difficult as it is. Don’t make it too difficult for you. All of those people who think achieving perfection is possible are living in fool’s paradise. You can only achieve perfection after dying because after perfection there’s nothing. So accept yourself and live a good healthy life.

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