The mystique importance of bangles in Indian culture

Bangles for eons have been associated with Indian culture for not just women but men too perhaps in a different style called Kadas. Whatever may be the name bangles, Kadas, churi, gajulu- they are all the same when it comes to adornments- vibrancy, spirited, and style. This iconic adornment became a basic part of South Indian Jewellery in several ways. Not just in Southern India, you can find an ineffable liking for bangles almost in every nook and corner of the world. The importance is such that Jewellery designers world over have constantly reworked on bringing comfort and an unmatched style with every edition of bangles they created.

Ranging from simple circles, they have transformed into quirky geometric shapes, from simple glass bangles to bangles with every possible metal and many more tends came by and went by. However, the basic adornment trend of wearing bangles never deterred.

Right from birth to every occasion big or small, bangles are used to promote harmony. Here are a few ways where bangles play an important role:

Black bead bangles for positivity

Black bead bangles are often adorned to little kids especially newborn and month’s babies. There are a number of pretty black beads gold bangles design that can be explored online. The black bead bangles are also famous amongst married women too. They are also said to protect the adorner from negative forces.

Colorful bangles for festivals

When it comes to Indian festivals colors, dresses, gold is the ones that come to mind. But, do the festivals pass without Jewellery and bangles in general? Not really. Every festival is unique, so are the rituals, and celebrations attached with it. When it comes to Indian festivals, the best comes with sharing and what best way than a mutual exchange of bangles.

Presenting someone with bangles

Another embedded Indian tradition is presenting someone with daily use items and the most important are the bangles. Bangles are not only auspicious but sacred too, many times the breaking of glass bangles is considered as a bad omen. Considering its utter importance, bangles are also frequently used to gift too.

Bangles during baby showers

Bangles are the prime most during baby showers, it is said that the weight of the bangles on the hands directly connects to the uterus, thus aiding women in free delivery. The baby shower function is in fact a mandatory one in most communities where the guests gift bangles to the mother-to-be. 

Bangles for a style check

The popular and the most ideal reason to wear bangles are to make a style statement. For most of us who wear bangles, this may be our only reason out of the above. 

Well, bangles surely give an edge when it comes to styling perfectly. Recreating a chic element, bangles can be worn irrespective of the outfit. Single or in a stack, they are sure to create an effortless vibe. Bangles which are a part of Indian culture for many reasons are now mere a fancy accessory than having cultural significance.

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