The Merging between the Game Business and the Crypto Space by Platincoin

Every player participating in the 2017 crypto kitten gaming era will be familiar with the current crypto gaming activities. Gamers had to put in sweat and effort to raise virtually cute kittens before blockchain became the norm and NFT the newest passion.

If you continue to raise, you are fortunate because those cute kitties are now pricey NFTs that can be traded for millions of dollars. Platincoin aims to explain more about the merger between cryptocurrency, NFT, and, most importantly, gaming.

What Is Crypto Gaming?

Cryptocurrency gaming is a merger of cryptocurrency resources with regular gaming facilities. Like every game, purchases need to be made in exchange for extra benefits, life, or even skills for your game character; rather than the regular payment method using fiat currencies like dollars or pounds, gamers can now use their cryptocurrency tokens like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, or even Ethereum.

Although they operate on the same concept, ‘to play game,’ they are entirely different in inoperability. Regular games are hosted on the web or solely protected by the company’s effort, while crypto games are hosted on the blockchain.

Regular games are distributed by purchasing a Compact Disc and downloaded applications; blockchain games are distributed via an open-source program.

Platincoin adds that, unlike traditional games directed and centralized by publishing firms, crypto games are decentralized and controlled by the collective efforts of the players.

Popular Crypto And Gaming Mergers?

Designed and released in 2017, Dapper Labs’ Crypto Kitties is one of the first blockchain games to let users buy, collect, breed, and sell adorable virtual cats for amusement and profit.

One of the active crypto and gaming fusion developments with millions of players is HashCraft, a brainchild of Ubisoft.

On the blockchain platform, it is a sandbox game that drops players into islands generated at random and allows them to personalize these islands as they see fit.

The islands then become accessible to other users, allowing them to explore and participate in challenges, quests, and tournaments to win cryptocurrency.

The top-grossing game on the blockchain network, Axie Infinity, released a year after the original crypto cats, brings in millions of dollars per day.

It allows users to collect, breed, and trade virtual animals known as Axies; it is currently available for purchase as NFTs.

Why Did the Cryptocurrency World Merge with Gaming?

Over time, innovations and development start to emerge to strengthen the former and address its flaws. Regardless of your parents’ or partner’s frequent complaints, gaming is unquestionably an important element of the universe.

Because both the cryptocurrency and gaming industries are thriving and have millions of users each, a partnership is inevitable.

The blockchain provides the gaming industry anonymity, decentralization, speed, immutability, increased security, and customization.

Platincoin includes that game makers must now upload their development into the blockchain to utilize these functionalities.


Platincoin anticipates increased investor involvement and adoption of cryptocurrencies in the gaming industry due to the possibility of earning virtual tokens that gamers can exchange for actual money.

This new genre of game will be popular in the future due to the earning potential, enjoyment, and cutting-edge graphics it provides.

It is evident from the price chart dominance of gaming utility tokens and the tremendous rise in gamers.