The History Of Roulette: Where It All Began

Roulette is one of the most popular casino games at the moment, but its origins trace back hundreds of years ago. The first traces of a roulette-type game were spotted in the Greco-Roman period when Roman soldiers used a chariot wheel to determine a winner. Let’s discuss History Of Roulette in details.

Of course, the roulette game we all know and love today is very much different from the first game of chance that involved a spinning wheel.

The mechanism of the first roulette-type game included an arrow that pointed to one of 10 winning spaces on the ground. People back then placed bets and the wheel was spun revealing an award.

Roulette has quite a rich history, and some people believe that it is a mix of two popular games at that moment, such as the Italian “Hoca” game and the English “E-O” meaning even and odd.

Both of these games were quite popular in Europe in the middle of the 17th century, and even the minister of France opened casinos offering Hoca games just to collect money for the Treasury.

The History of European Roulette

The first traces of the roulette game known today go back to France when it was originally called French roulette, back in 1655. The French scientist Blaise Pascal created a perpetual motion machine, and the name of the game back then means “small wheel” in French.

In the beginning, rather oddly, the game was played in monasteries as a way of entertainment, but it quickly moved to all French casinos. 

Blaise Pascal was a famous French philosopher and scientist who made great contributions to mathematics, geometry, the study of fluids, pressure vacuum, and apparently Roulette. He is believed to be the man that created the first ever roulette wheel and introduced the principles of a spinning wheel that are now very popular in casinos all around the world.

However, the roulette game was adopted by other countries in Europe that added their own twists to the game. Later in 1843, Luis Blanc and Francois opened the first casinos in Hamburg, Germany, and the roulette game got the first single-zero slot on the wheel. 

Later on, in the 1860s, all gambling games were banned in Germany, so Blancs moved to Monte Carlo, which became the ultimate European gambling center. Back then, European Roulette that had single-zero became very popular, and even though the double-zero version of the game had a higher house edge, the casinos rarely featured it.

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The History of American Roulette

In the 1800s roulette was the game that was introduced to America where it have become noticeably popular amongst those who cherished playing with success and believed in fortune. Roulette was very famous in the days of the Gold Rush. But almost all casinos within the United States began imparting the double-0 model of the French roulette recreation because it became extra useful for online casino proprietors. 

Since then, the unmarried-0 French roulette recreation significant in European nations has been historically called “European roulette” and double-0 sport played in American casinos – “American roulette”.

According to historians, some versions of American roulette used the numbers 1 to twenty-eight and zero, 00, and the sign of the American Eagle. All extra pockets (0, 00, and the American Eagle) had been house wallets, which means that once the ball landed on any of them the online casino gained all of the bets at the table. The payout for any individual number wager becomes 21 to one.

Modern Roulette Games

Today roulette games are not only found in traditional land-based casinos but also dominate the online gambling space. The first Internet casinos Gaming Club and InterCasino were launched in 1995 and 1996 correspondingly. 

These dates are considered the starting point of online roulette gambling. Now alongside conventional unmarried- and double-0 roulette video games, gamers also can win money in new versions of roulette that can be located both in real and online casinos. 

These are multi-ball roulette that’s performed with up to a few balls rolled on the wheel; no zero roulette game with zero slots missing; and mini-roulette model with a small wheel and the possibility to guess on simply 12 numbers.

Final Words

The popularity of the online roulette game significantly increased over the years and now dominates the casino space and it is a common choice for everyone that accesses an online casino. Even though the house has an edge that is impossible to beat over the long run, roulette still remains an exciting game that entertains people for hours.

Roulette is a mathematical game that depends only on luck. This means that there are no skills that can help you increase your winning chances. Some strategies involve sequences that can help you increase your winnings in the short term, but the house will eventually win the more you play the game.

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