The Four Types of Hunting Bows

Hunting is a skill that has been around for as long as one can think. People have used various tools for hunting over the years. Bows gained popularity when more and more countries starting using them in wars or on expeditions. Now, hunting is mostly used for recreational purposes. People all around the globe love to compete against their friends for the perfect catch.

But choosing the best bow for hunting is no easy task. There are so many different models to choose from. However, before you choose a particular model, you need to choose a specific bow type. There are four main types of bows in the market; each offering its unique properties. We will help you choose the best bows for hunting in this article.

We will first explain the common parts of a bow. These are the same for each type. Then we will explain the main properties of the four types. Knowing their distinctive points will help you make a better decision. So if you are excited about your next hunting excursion and want to invest in the best bow for hunting beforehand, we recommend you give this article a thorough read.

The Three Main Types of Bows

All types of hunting bows comprise a limb, a riser, and a bowstring. These three main parts come together to give the hunting bow its distinctive properties. These three parts may appear differently in each type, but they will serve the same purpose in all the models. Here is a short description of each type.


Your arrow needs to be pushed forward and the limb helps it do that. These flex and help provide the needed force that will move into your arrow. They will hold the bowstring at each end and are sometimes attached to the riser.


The riser contains the grip, the arrow rest, and the sight window. This also compromises the center part of any bow. Most of the time, the riser is made up of composite material, however, wooden risers are also popular. The riser needs to be drawn in with your dominant hand. This is why you will have to opt for a left hand or a right-hand riser when drawing.


With a loop at each end, the bowstring helps hold the arrow in place. It is made with different materials and helps ensure your hunting bow has enough energy to provide you with a stable shot. You can opt for a fiber bowstring or a carbon one. Some strings are also made with wood and have gained popularity over recent years.

The Four Types of Hunting Bows

Recurve bows

This type is one of the oldest bows to have existed in the world. The best thing about the Recurve bow is that it can be used by both beginner archers and expert ones. Moreover, the type comes with a very rich history that makes it to the top of our list.

A great way to separate the type from others is to look at the stringing action. When you perform this procedure, both of your limbs will curve away from your body. This bend help increase the overall energy during the release. This is one reason Recurve bows can provide good accuracy.

You should also know that these bows are made with several layers of carbon, wood, or fiberglass. They are also the only bows that can be used during Olympic Games. If you are still new to archery and don’t know the basics, we recommend you use the Recurve bow.


The longbow is one of the simplest hunting bows in the market. It is this simplicity that makes it stand out in the market. One of the many ways to distinguish it is to look at the strings. A longbow is essentially a long wooden pole that is held with a string on both ends.

This isn’t easy to use a bow and will require some expertise on your part. Longer bows are usually recommended, however, there is a catch. The longer bows tend to increase the overall draw weight. This means that only the strongest and heavy archers will be able to achieve accuracy with these bows.

Shooters usually use longbows for target shooting. If you invest in the best crossbows for hunting under this category, you will be able to hit just about any target easily. You can also use additional sights that will help you excel at the game.


Due to a lot of technological advancements in recent years, this type has certainly garnered a lot of praise from hunters and shooters. Compound bows haven’t been in the market for long but they have certainly impressed everyone with their sophistication and superior design.

The best thing about compound bows is that they allow you to add cams, cables, and even pulleys to them. They also allow you to hold the bow steady for as long as you want. Another thing to note is that the compound bows are only made with composite materials. These add durability, strength, and much-needed longevity to the design. You can visit this site to know about f95zone.


These are mostly used for hunting in the open fields. You can practice the traditional point and shoot method on any crossbow and get a good result. The easy way to separate a crossbow from other bows is to look at the riser. These have a very small riser and an even shorter limb. They also require a much higher draw weight. However, for people who don’t have time for constant practice, a crossbow is certainly the best bow for hunting.

In many states, hunting is only allowed when you are using a crossbow. Moreover, people with disabilities and deformities can also use this crossbow easily. So if you are a fan of the traditional style of shooting, we recommend you use the best bow for hunting in this category.

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