Styles of Underwear

The Five Styles of Underwear Every Woman Needs in Her Closet

Everyone has underwear, but before you know it, your underwear drawer can be filled with old, ratty, and even holey options that you keep out of convenience and nothing else.

If it’s been a few years since you last bought yourself underwear, know that it’s time to do a big clearout, and consider some new investment pieces. 

You don’t have to buy impractical underwear, but you owe yourself it to choose pieces intentionally. This means understanding what you like, what your body needs in terms of coverage and support, and what materials work best for you.

With those three considerations, you’ll be able to pick out a great new collection of women’s underwear that feels more adult, are more comfortable, and look better too. To help you stay focused, aim to have at least these five styles of underwear in your closet: 

The Comfort Choice 

You deserve good quality women’s underwear that’s comfortable enough to wear and forget about throughout the day.

Find the style that works for you, choose the right material, and stock up. These will make up the bulk of your underwear drawer. 

The One Without Panty-Lines 

If you have any outfit that is skin tight or made of thin fabric that shows every bump and line, then you will want options to hide your panty lines.

You have three main options. The first is to wear a G-string or thong; these have minimal lines, to begin with, and, therefore a good choice.

You can also choose a synthetic knit style underwear in any shape so long as it doesn’t have bias binding or an elasticized edge to it. The final option is to wear shapewear, which can help smooth out all lines. 

The One for Date-Night 

We all want to feel sexy on a date night, and having a collection of underwear for that sole purpose can be empowering.

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If you shy away from your current range of options because you aren’t comfortable with them or because they are irritating in any way, it’s time to rethink and go shopping.

You can enjoy stunning lingerie that feels comfortable to you. In fact, it’s essential since confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear. 

The One for Sports 

If you do anything active, even just long walks, you’ll want a fitted option that provides full coverage for the ultimate comfort.

The best styles are hip huggers, briefs, boy shorts, and slip shorts. These will stay in place no matter how you move, making them a must option for your busy days. 

The One for Your Period 

Period underwear doesn’t have to be the oldest, ugliest option you own. In fact, they can be all-in-one solutions.

There are new brands out there that are absorbent, so you can go out with confidence and not have to deal with uncomfortable tampons or pads.

These are special options, and on your heavier flow days, you will need to change them out several times a day. 

Alternatively, choose underwear that gives you full coverage and is elasticized around the legs and waist. This will give you more support if you wear pads and feel better if your go-to is a tampon.