The Environmental Benefits Of Solvent Recycling

Solvents are used across a wide range of industries, but these chemical agents can sometimes be harmful to the environment and human health when disposed of. Even when disposal is handled in a safe and eco-friendly manner, the processes involved in solvent waste disposal can create caustic byproducts.

On top of these potential dangers, solvent disposal can require a lot of energy and the use of natural resources. On an industrial scale, the process of disposing of solvents can be very wasteful and harmful to the balance of nature.

Recycling Solvents Is A Solution

The good news is that many industries can reduce the potential for harm to the environment through solvent recycling. In-house industrial solvent recycling can potentially reduce the generation of harmful byproducts that come along with solvent disposal, and modern recycling processes can also save money.

Recycling Reduces Manufacturing Resources

One of the main benefits to recycling as opposed to simple disposal is that it can reduce the need for raw manufacturing. Creating solvents on an industrial scale can sometimes generate pollutants, including greenhouse gas emissions.

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Even when these byproducts are handled in a safe and eco-friendly manner, they still have the potential to create harmful substances that can threaten air quality over time. Recycling reduces the need for new solvent manufacturing, thereby lowering the amount of emissions created.

Recycling Solvents Requires Fewer Raw Materials

When companies rely on processes like parts washers to clean and reuse materials and chemical agents, there may be less need to generate new materials. Since less waste is created and there is a smaller need for processing new materials, there is generally a lesser impact on the environment. Visit WM Waste Management Services for more assistance with hire skip bins in Melbourne.

Recycling Reduces Waste

Of course, the obvious benefit to solvent recovery is that it reduces the overall amount of waste that must be disposed of in a safe manner. By nature, solvents dissolve other chemicals and materials. This means that disposal can create all kinds of issues if you were to simply pour solvents into the ground or a water supply.

In many cases, cleanup efforts after an industrial solvent incident that has polluted the environment can require a number of heavy machines that utilize fossil fuels, thereby further harming the environment and using precious resources. By recycling, you have the ability to not only dispose of solvents responsibly, but you also reduce the potential for generating more pollution in the event that cleanup needs to take place in the future.

Solvent Recovery Reduces Waste Associated With Shipping

Shipping solvents out for disposal can be a convenient way to get rid of used chemicals, but it can also have a major impact on the environment. When solvents are shipped out, an entire network of trucks, boats, trains and planes may need to be employed to get your company’s chemicals from the point of origin to a processing facility. In some cases, there may be many steps involved in this shipping process, meaning solvents will need to go to a number of different facilities before finally being neutralized.

Solvent distillation can potentially reduce a lot of the waste associated with all of this transportation. This typically means fewer vehicles are involved in the recycling process, fewer materials need to be shipped and fewer resources are used to treat solvents that are scheduled for processing.

Recycling Utilizes Less Energy

Finally, all energy utilized in the disposal of solvents must come from somewhere, and often, it comes from electricity generated by fossil fuels. When solvents are scheduled for traditional disposal, energy must be used to power the machinery at plants designed for neutralizing hazardous chemicals.

When you recycle, there is usually less waste generated because not as much energy is required. This can have a great impact on preserving the environment and protecting vital resources.

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