The disadvantages Kitec plumbing holds for Torontonians and Canadians alike

Canada is a cold country and is much colder than the United States. WHen winter comes, the water supply and drainage lines are affected because they are made of metal and when water expands in freezing temperatures, the pipelines burst.

This is the same thing each Torontonian and Canadian homebuyer often checks for, the property’s plumbing. Plumbing is often a serious concern as no one wants to find their home flooded with water for unnecessary reasons.

Also, each Canadian home buyer should be concerned about Kitec plumbing. It is a serious issue and it is imperative that they find this plumbing in the property they wish to buy. How serious is Kitec plumbing? In all honesty, it is a very serious issue leading to very expensive repairs. It is time we read about it.

Are there any incidences of Kitec plumbing observed recently in Toronto?

Last year in a condo complex located near St. James Cemetary, a plumbing team as well as people from the municipal office were called in to a condo complex. Residents of the building complained about serious plumbing issues arising from Kitec plumbing which damaged appliances, furniture and electronics causing huge monetary losses.

Real estate agents and their clientele also complained about the complex’s condos not being sold due to Kitec plumbing present in them. The building from the outside looked quite nice and the condos were luxurious.

But the Kitec plumbing present in them ruined the value of those condos and cast serious doubts whether those condos are worth living in or not. In the listings of Toronto condos for sale, it became necessary to mention whether or not such plumbing is present in them or not.

Similar issues were found in a housing tract in both Mississauga and Brampton in the same period. The homes looked really great from the outside but from the inside, they were worse. They had numerous illegal plumbing fittings which caused leakages and other associated plumbing issues.

It should also be noted that Kitec plumbing is concealed easily in all kinds of residential projects. Following the revelations of the problems, Kitec plumbing began getting removed from almost all properties they were installed in the city of Toronto.

Kitec plumbing – what is it and how bad is it?

From 1995 to 2007, Kitec plumbing was installed in homes and condominiums as a corrosion-resistant piping as an alternative to pipes and plumbing fittings made of copper. It was popular and used widely in construction because it was faster and less expensive to install in comparison to copper pipes.

In 2005, this kind of plumbing got recalled in both the United States and Canada because it had a very high risk of damage and degradation which results in the pipes bursting and flooding the walls and the property.

An allegation for Kitec plumbing’s failure is that it’s fitting might contain high levels of zinc. This leads to weakness and corrosion of the plumbings over time.

What is Kitec plumbing made of and with what names is it branded?

Kitec plumbing is made of plastic (cross-linked polyethene (PEX)) on the exterior with its interior consisting mostly of the aluminium lining. It can be identified visually by its colours; bright orange for hot water and bright blue for cold water. Additionally, it was also sold in red, blue, grey and black colours. Such plumbing is stamped with the following names:

  • Kitec.
  • Plumbetter.
  • WarmRite.
  • Kitec XPA.
  • AmbioComfort.
  • XPA.
  • KERR Controls.
  • Plomberie Améliorée.

Fittings are also branded as both KT and KITEC.

How can buyers and residents alike identify Kitec plumbing in homes?

The most proven way to look for Kitec plumbing is around either the hot water tank or under the sink in both the bathrooms and kitchen where the pipes are connected.

How can Kitec plumbing be removed from residential properties?

In recent years, Kitec plumbing has become a symbol of stigma which has negatively affected homes, apartments, condos and other residential properties using it.

Despite the fact that some home inspection firms and plumbing companies observed a few cases of failure and problems with Kitec plumbing in some areas, past cases of such plumbing becoming a disaster have been the setting stone for disapproval of Kitec.

Kitec plumbing is still a costly plumbing solution which itself is not a solution but rather a gigantic problem.

The only complete solution for removing Kitec plumbing is replacing it with copper pipes. This may be a major expense and for condos, it is quite an expense to bear for both the residents and the condo corporations due to inconvenience caused in lengthy renovations and plumbing works.

Problem that some insurance companies are refusing to provide water protection coverage for homes with Kitec based on the liability risk assessments. Other than that, numerous financial institutions require confirmation of Kitec removal during purchase and selling of residential properties.

Those who are thinking of selling their home without getting the Kitec plumbing replaced, they must prepare a complete disclosure for potential buyers to avoid any lawsuits. Other than that, it would help if they got a reliable quote for the plumbing replacement job. Buyers will hence understand the cost and process they will be facing when purchasing a property with Kitec Plumbing.


Kitec plumbing failed quite badly since its inception in 1997 and onwards from 2005, construction companies stopped its installation and went on with copper pipes covered on the exterior with PVC (Poly-vinyl chloride). Other than that, copper pipes tend to last longer than Kitec pipes.

Hence, potential home buyers need to look for Kitec plumbing in any residential property they intend to buy.

Neighbourhood Plumbing is currently at work replacing the bad pipe and fittings. This means cutting holes in the walls all throughout the house, not to mention the expense to the homeowners.

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