The Different Types of Hats for Men

Hats have always established themselves as a popular men’s accessory! From bucket hats, baseball caps, leather hats to fedoras, men’s hats are functional and versatile. Also, it adds style to a man’s look as well. Men’s hat is also suitable for any season and is practical. Whether there is snow, hail, rain, or scorching sun rays, a hat will provide you the necessary shelter, will keep you warm and dry. 

That is not all! Hats can help a man look classy, casual, or eclectic in a simple way. Here are some of the best hat styles that men can opt-in for:

  1. Fedora

It’s a known fact that the Fedora hat has successfully stood the test of time! It was a hat that the gangsters preferred way back in the 1920s and 1950s. Later on, it was a choice for the hipsters in the 2000s. This hat seems to be one of the most polarising accessories for men. Currently, this firm-brimmed hat has come back to fashion and is a stunning wardrobe addition. You can find this hat in multiple colors and sizes. These are hats for big heads as well. However, the fashion experts suggest that it is best to stick with the medium widths and neutral tones. 

  1. Panama

A Panama hat is apt for a man when it gets coupled with a white linen shirt and beach backdrop. This conventional brimmed straw hat belongs to Ecuador and will give you the essence of the Miami summer look. Made out of plaited leaves; this hat is one of the essential accessories when heading for tropical or seaside destinations. These hats get made keeping in mind the blue skies and sunshine. Hence it’s best not to sport this hat during winters. It is lightweight and light in color and is comfortable to wear. It is perfect for men who want to sport a laid-back beach look. 

  1. Leather

Leather hats are known for their timelessness and high-end quality! Men who love to sport leather hats exhibit traits of consistency and class. Today, you can customize a leather hat into any size and design. There are reputed hat makers that will help you customize your leather hat based on the style you want to flaunt. Leather hats are easy to clean and maintain. A leather hat is known for its unique style and durability. Hence, if you want a hat that will last you for decades, you need to choose a leather hat. To know more about this, you can check out

  1. Trilby

At times, this hat is often confused with a Fedora! However, a Trilby is a different hat. It gets made using straw or tweed and has a smaller brim and a much taller crown than a Fedora. That means men can wear it anytime between spring and autumn. You can wear a Trilby at the back of the head instead of pulling it forward to secure your face. It’s more of a fashion statement hat than a practical one. The hat was sported by many boy band members and other men who take part in horse racing events worldwide. 

  1. Snapback

It is a popular 90s style baseball cap that came into the fashion scene after the New York snapback got highly famous with Yankees followers. Today, this hat gets mostly worn by the hat connoisseurs, cool kids, and fashionistas worldwide. The name gets derived from the hat’s manageable fastener right at the back. And similar to its vintage cousin, which is the data, it’s one-size that fits all. It comes with an oversized and relaxed fit. But this hat is rigid in terms of design, which gives it a firm structure. These hats carry a casual vibe! 

  1. Newsboy

These hats came to the scene in the 19th century! It was mostly known as an old school hat and made it to the fashion scene in the 2000s. The newsboy hats are much like the flat caps. The hat is full and round and possesses panels and a button on top and attaches the hat front to the brim. Today, this hat gets sported by several affluent men and models for fashion photoshoots. Several high-street retailers showcase the newsboy hats. 

  1. Dad hat

Your father might not be the best person to take style advice, but the dad hats are a stunning vintage accessory that boasts of a laid-back style. These look like relaxed baseball caps and get made of cotton or canvas with a curved brim. The dad hat also comes with a manageable strap back closure, which makes it one-size-fits-all. The dad hats complete your sports look, and you can also use them to add a vintage essence to casual attire. 

These are some of the best men’s hats that you can browse through and choose the one that you like best. 

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