The Dangers of Illicit Drug Addiction

The Dangers of Illicit Drug Addiction -Unfortunately, drug abuse still haunts many teenagers and adults these days. In fact, according to a crime survey conducted in wales and England, one out of twelve adults between the ages of 16-59 have taken illicit drugs at least once in their life, equating to two point eight million people in total.

You might have heard many doctors and healthcare professionals say that drug abuse isn’t good for the human body at all. After all, the word abuse is in it. However, most people don’t realize just how dangerous drugs can be for both the individuals using them and the people they care for and love.

In the end, illicit drugs lead to various short and long-term physical and mental problems. And these can vary depending on the type and quantity of drug an individual takes. Moreover, teens are more likely to engage in drug abuse due to their lifestyles and social gathering. However, to understand the harmful effect of drug abuse, let us take a more detailed look into the issues drug addiction can cause.

Illicit Drug

It harms your physical health.

Probably the most obvious danger of drug addiction is that it harms your physical health. Depending on the drug an individual abuses, physical problems can range from strokes to cardiovascular diseases to hepatitis to AIDS/HIV, various cancers, to name a few.

That said, these aren’t the only physical dangers of drug addiction. Sometimes, abuse can lead to brain damage, contagious infections, and death due to fatal overdose.

So, if you think that a friend, family member, or loved one is abusing drugs, get them the help they require ASAP. One way to do so is to check them into rehab or a dedicated recovery center such as The Palm Beach Institute to ensure they receive the treatment necessary to rid them of their drug addiction problem.

It impacts your mental health. 

Besides hurting your physical health and well-being, drug addiction can also degrade your mental health drastically. For example, frequent drug abuse can result in insomnia, delusions, hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, depression, and much more.

Moreover, if someone with recurring mental health issues decides to abuse drugs, they might worsen their existing symptoms. However, such mental health problems are reversible if the person decides to quit drugs.

It can take a toll on your financial health. 

It is a simple fact that drug addiction is an expensive habit. The more you try to fulfill your cravings, the more you will abuse the drug, and in turn, the more money you will spend to fuel your addiction. When you run out of money, you will do everything you can to get your hands on cash to support your bad habit.

For instance, if you have a savings fund, you will probably blow it all up on your drug addiction.

It will damage your ability to hold a job. 

Regardless of the type of drug a person abuses, they will have a hard time finding and keeping a job when they do so. Moreover, short-term issues that result from drug addiction, such as lack of sleep or impaired judgment, will lead to poor job performance.

On the other hand, in the long term, desperation due to drug addiction will lead to excessive absences, stealing, lying, and other unpredictable behavior that employers consider grounds for dismissal.  

It will damage your romantic relationships. 

As romantic relationships are built upon mutual trust, consistent drug abuse will lead to deceitful behavior that breaks that trust. For instance, individuals with drug addiction problems will constantly lie about their whereabouts and cash spending habits.

Not to mention, they won’t be forthcoming about their drug addiction problem. Such dishonestly and trust-breaking behaviors can destroy anybody’s romantic relationship.

Illicit Drug

It will destroy your friendships.

Besides the numerous dishonesty issues drug addiction brings, it can also lead to detrimental personality changes. For example, people who abuse drugs typically lack patience, have a short temper, and most importantly, always show dishonesty and decreased interest towards their friends.

All of these bad habits and behaviors can seriously hurt a person’s friendships.

It will harm your family relationships. 

Typically, when people embroil into drug addiction, their priorities get messed up, and they always prefer their drug of choice over essential things. However, it can seriously harm your relationship with your family.

For example, family events such as baby showers, weddings, and other family gatherings will always be the last thing on a drug addict’s list of priorities. And we know such a thing can result in self-alienation and a broken family.

It can harm people you don’t even know.

Drug abuse can indirectly harm people who don’t even have a relationship with a drug addict. For instance, drug addiction can lead to car accidents, theft, assault, burglary, and other activities that can prove harmful to people you don’t even know.

All of these unhealthy behaviors can put innocent bystanders at risk of being harmed unintentionally.


These days, drug-related deaths have doubled in the last two decades. Drug-related disabilities, illnesses, and deaths occur more commonly than all preventable health problems combined. Nowadays, one in four deaths is a direct result of a drug overdose.

However, we have to work as a community to rid our society of such drug addiction issues. So, if you know someone who suffers from such a problem, do whatever you can to get them the assistance and help they require.

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