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There are plenty of very well-known brands for beautiful bridal sarees online, and there are stores and multiple outlets present across every city in the country. They have the latest wedding sarees collections, and their bridal sarees pattu is usually of the best quality available in the market.

Chennai Silks being is one such promising brand. They have a history of being visionary, and their transition from being a traditional khadi store into the most prominent textile franchise in Tamil Nadu is iconic.

They have also certainly upheld their name for over five decades now. This shows how promising and trustworthy their sarees are, and brides of many generations have worn the nine yards gracefully on the happiest days of their lives.

As the wedding season approaches, in the hustle and bustle of arranging for the mandapas and catering, buying wedding sarees for the bride is given equal importance.

Hence, there is a lot of demand for the best and latest wedding sarees collection for the bride, and people expect the silk to be the finest quality. To get the value for the buck spent, what better place to visit than Chennai Silks?

The New and Exclusive Silk Saree Range:

The new-age bride has grander plans for her wedding day, and these plans often involve a lot of events on different days. This requires the bride to purchase multiple outfits and bridal sarees online and plan their shopping days. Chennai Silk has launched an exclusive range of pattu sarees in their latest wedding saree collection for the bride of today.

  • Their new collection is called the Vivaha Goddess collection. This range has some great exclusive one-of-a-kind silk sarees with patterns and designs curated for the modern-day bride.
  • Their sarees range right from elegant golds, to soothing, beautiful pinks, to royal reds. All these sarees in popular colors and beautiful gold borders are available on their online store and retail outlets.
  • Their rich embroidered borders add that extra touch of gold that completes the entire look of the bride. Adding that little touch of tradition to the bride’s outfit enhances the mood all around, as she radiates a beauty that will, for sure, light up the room!
  • The two types of silk sarees in the new bridal collection are the classic Kanchipuram silk and pure silk.

Tips to Style the Elegant Silk Saree:

Today’s strong independent woman needs to make a bold statement on her wedding day. They want the best of sarees and to find the best ways to style them. Worry not; the tips below will help glam up the entire look:

  • The perfect jewelry – The jewelry can make or break a look entirely. There are so many options in bridal jewelry, but it should always go in harmony with the bridal silk saree, as the saree is the show stopper. A simple tip to always keep in mind is that if the silk saree has a heavy gold border, the jewelry does not have to be as grand as the border makes up for it. One should stick to simple designs in such cases. The opposite applies if the bridal saree is simple yet elegant; add that extra sparkle and gold, compensate for it with heavy jewelry.
  • Adding a belt – A gold belt across the waist can make such a massive difference in the bridal attire. This specific trend has completely struck the fashion industry, as it is such a game-changer. It adds a level of sass to the look and helps secure the pallu from moving!
  • The pallu – This is a very personal styling element, as each individual drapes their pallu as per their comfort level. But for those looking for suggestions, not to worry, this is the right guide.
    • The folded pallu – This is a very classic drape, where the pallu end is folded into pleats, as broad or sleek as the individual wants. The wider it is, the more area the front portion covers, and if the pallu is pleated narrow, then there is more area exposed in the front. This, again, is up to the individual’s comfort level.
    • The “no-pleat” drape – This kind of drape is very classy, elegant, yet modern at the same time. This drape is relatively easy to do, as there are no pleats to be made. The pallu is put over the shoulder and secured safely with a pin. This drape style is usually done to show off the beautiful bold work done along the border of the silk saree.
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