The best warehouse, field, and office sensor to buy is….

Warehouse, supply chain, and operations managers are clamoring to install sensor technologies throughout for field data collection, as part of the digital transformation.  So… what’s the best sensor brand to buy? 

The answer is: who cares?

With low-energy Bluetooth (BLE) sensors being a dime a dozen in 2021, the relative differentiators in the technology becomes slimmer and slimmer.  According to experts, that isn’t the most important consideration.  The top factor – not surprisingly – is data. 

There is a chasm that exists between elements of Field Data Collection (such as sensors, barcode scanners, e-polling, etc.) and the enterprise tools and dashboards that digest and present the gathered data.  Finding a universal translator to sit in the middle is rare, with most enterprises forced to cobble together dysfunctional systems.

One tech company out of Washington state, Fulcrum Technologies, has solved the middleman problem for a number of major brands.  Their new 2021 product, Siteline, lets you absorb any form of digital, electronic, or transmitted data to track anything and everything.  Have sensors?  They can adapt.  Have barcodes?  They can scan it.  Have e-polling data?  They see it.  Have audits, or contractor, or input from ERP systems?  Siteline gobbles it all up. 

So what happens with the data then?

Siteline then reconciles and purifies the collected data, comparing the live results from all field and warehouse transactions to the known asset data residing in the financial systems.  With one true source of truth created, the connected back office systems can then be updated with accurate, real-time data to make major CapEx and OpEx decisions. 

So if you’re stressed about finding the perfect sensor solution, don’t be.  It’s ALL about the data.  Please visit for more information.

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